so sleepy...!

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so sleepy...!

Postby brittienewbie » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:28 pm

Hi All-
We've had a pretty good week here at the home of Bear-acuda.  He's really getting fast at learning new tricks.  "Roll over" was a husband has been spending a significant amount of time working with him and their relationship is improving.  Although, he still picks me over does our little one.  Poor hubby, he's off work next week so he should be able to spend more time with them.

Question:  For two nights in a row he has decided that sleeping at night is a crazy thing to do.  We haven't changed his feeding or potty schedule, haven't changed our bedtime routine.  We have, however, taken him to the park both days that he didn't sleep well.  He hasn't been to the park in a while due to him going on vacation (to the woods) or the temps being much too cold (-20F or below wind chill).  He no longer has a dog bed in his kennel after he destroyed two beds in one weekend, but he does have a down throw blanket that he doesn't chew on our rip to pieces.  Two nights ago he decided he would chew on a bone for hours in the night (no worries, I put in ear plugs).  Last night he decided that he would drink all of his water and then play with his bowl since I didn't leave a bone in his kennel with him.  We don't leave much water with him in his kennel, really just enough to wet his whistle if he gets a little parched.  He does play in his kennel during the day, as evidence by finding toys that he has thrown out of his kennel, tugging nearby objects (usually the blanket that covers his kennel) into his kennel, and his blankets being ruffled by the time we get home from work.  However, he has always (unless he has to go out) gone right into his kennel when asked and gone right to sleep.  Last night he threw himself into his kennel when we said it was bedtime and never settled for the night.  This time, even ear plugs didn't help.  I did get up at about 2am to take him out since he had water, he did all of his business, I changed his bedding since he flipped his bowl over and got everything wet, and he went right back into his kennel...but still didn't ever settle in.

I know that he doesn't like that he no longer has a bed in his kennel because he will go into his kennel to nap and turn around to go to the couch, which he isn't allowed on.  Besides removing toys and bones (which I ended up doing after he wouldn't settle), does anyone have insight on this?

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Re: so sleepy...!

Postby Barb Wright » Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:38 am

Can't think what might be keeping him up during the night except that he is not tired when he goes to bed. Is this a crate (wire or plastic) or an X-pen of some kind? With no padding it may be less than comfortable, but if he destroys any bedding then you are right, he just has to do without. Can his crate door be left open so that he can reposition himself occasionally?

Also, not sure why you leave water in the kennel at night?? The usual procedure is to not have access to water from about an hour before bedtime, and one last potty before bedtime. The water in the kennel is really unnecessary if he has had access to water all day long, and it sounds like he just makes a play toy out of it. By giving him access to water you encourage middle of the night potty necessity. You don't want to get into that habit I am sure :P

Maybe some play time or some sort of exercise for 20 minutes or half hour just before bedtime would take some of the spizerincdom out of him, enough so that he settles.

It's been a few days since you posted this, anything different now?
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Re: so sleepy...!

Postby LizBot » Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:06 am

Have you considered moving his kennel out of your room? I plan on moving Jazz out of ours once he can go the entire night without a bathroom break. He seems to wake up a lot right now because he hears me moving around when I go to the restroom or he hears my husband snoring. I think our noises keep him up as much as his keep us up at this point.

I'd also take away any real bones or toys that make any squeaky noises at bed time. I'm always concerned about Jazz managing to splinter off part of a bone since he manages to do it with rib bones; I'd hate for him to choke on something in the night. And it's not really ideal if he's able to entertain himself with squeaky toys, crinkly toys, bowls, etc. etc. etc. while he's supposed to be sleeping. I've had to empty our toddlers' rooms to get them to sleep, I figure the dog is no different at this stage. :)
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