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Re: Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

Postby Aerialviolin » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:51 am

I see that the last post was in May, and you likely have it all sorted out by now, but I had to reply! Your Allie sounds like our Wallace when we first got him. He was 2ish, a rescue, but no signs of abuse or anything. It took him many months to feel comfortable playing and for his full personality to come out. Maybe even a year or two. I thought he didn't like me because he didn't respond to petting- he just stood there! I wondered if his little nubbin of a tail worked at all. After several months, he became the goofiest, wiggly-little-butt, cuddly dog. We crated him at first and he cried like a banshee. We moved the crate to our bedroom and it fixed it, pretty much. Eventually the crate went away and he slept in a big pile with us on the bed. We lost him a few weeks ago at the age of 5-6 to a heart attack. When I saw the picture of Allie, my heart almost stopped- they could have been twins! Please hug that girl for me.
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