Senior dog with possible early stages of kidney failure

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Senior dog with possible early stages of kidney failure

Postby adleblanc » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:06 am

March of 2016 I noticed PJ was drinking more water. His senior blood work and urine tests came back normal. Recently PJ has been drinking even more water and is always hungry to the point he was doing anything and everything to get food and is panting all the time. A few weeks ago I had the vet run another senior blood work and urine tests as I thought maybe he had diabetes, Cushing's Disease or maybe his thyroid medication needed to be adjusted. The vet said his blood work looked great. PJ did drop 5 pounds (and it shows as he feels thin) and it was suggested we lower his thyroid meds as it was too muchfor his weight. His urine test was concentrated which the vet said it could be an early sign of kidney disease. He does take Prozac for seperarion anxiety so we always know there is a risk with his liver and kidneys. The vet once to check his thyroid levels in 6 weeks. My concern is the possible kidney failure. Is there a way to know for sure he is in early stages of kidney disease? Should I get any other urine test as well as his next thyroid checkup?
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Re: Senior dog with possible early stages of kidney failure

Postby gagesbarb » Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:01 pm

I certainly am not an expert, but I've had several cats with kidney disease...main symptoms were weight loss and increased urination, thirst...
Showed up on blood tests that I would think your vet had done in the senior panel--creatinine, BUN, phosphorous were cats, the disease wouldn't show up
until 70% (I think) of kidneys were gone...even so, we switched foods and as time went on, did home sub Q fluids...several cats continued with us for some time with a good
quality of life...
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