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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:10 am
by gagesbarb
hopefully Emma is off her medicine and back to normal??

Re: Emma?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:24 pm
by MaggieRocks
Funny you should ask. I think this weekend, we may have figured out what was causing her "tremors." My husband likes to do Sudoku puzzles while watching TV in the evening. He cuts them out of the newspaper and puts them on a little mini clipboard that he has. Sat evening, he noticed that when he opened the "clippy" part of the board to remove a completed puzzle, it squeaked and Emma started shaking! He told me to watch, so I looked over, he squeezed the clip again, there was definitely a little, high-pitched "squeak" and Emma had a nervous reaction!

So we're guessing that may have been the problem all along! And it makes sense because with one exception, it seems we always noticed her behavior in the evening when we were relaxing. Take her outside, she would be fine. Come back in, she would shake. And it was only in the evening! It's too bad we didn't figure this out before spending $100+ at the vet and give her pain meds she didn't even need. What she needed all along was ear plugs! :lol:

Re: Emma?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:30 pm
by Cindy
OMG if that really was the problem that's tooo funny. But I guess it goes right along with Pippa freaking out when I turn my cell phone on and it goes "DROID" or when I get little melodic notification sounds. These dogs are crazy!!!

Re: Emma?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:13 am
by gagesbarb
Wow! who would have thought??? But I believe it...As Cindy said, you never know what these guys are thinking or what they will react to...
never boring, though :roll: :lol: