Anyone tried Chia yet?

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Anyone tried Chia yet?

Postby adele » Tue May 07, 2013 7:54 am

Barb's post about a new treatment for arthritis reminded me that I wanted to ask.. Has anyone tried Chia yet. A friend says he's giving it to his arthritic dog. I don't know if it would cause trouble if I gave it to Lola because she's already on salmon oil... Can a dog get to many omega 3s? Too much antioxident? Apparently its hight in calcium, iron and vit. C...
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Re: Anyone tried Chia yet?

Postby Barb Wright » Tue May 07, 2013 1:07 pm

Because Chia seed is basically vegetable/plant (flowering plant of the Mint family) I would expect that a carnivore gets very little use out of it. The SOURCE of Omega 3 is important for dogs and it is best to stick with an animal source, like fish and fish oil, or fats from other animals like beef, poultry, lamb, etc. Perhaps there is some info available about the success of Chia for dogs, dunno, but again, animal sources just work better for dogs, and cats as well. JMPO

Also, if you are supplementing, that is not depending entirely upon a variety of food to supply appropriate amounts of nutrients, then it is possible to create imbalances nutritionally if you use therapeutic amounts. Therapeutic dosages/amounts should only be used for a KNOWN deficiency. If you are just trying to cover bases in general then stick to "suggested" dosages/amounts. Most of the time you wont' be able to tell if the supplement is actually making a difference unless you do therapeutic amounts....and again, that should only be done for known deficiencies or specific diagnoses.
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