benefit of switching foods

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benefit of switching foods

Postby Lisa » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:37 pm

Sometimes, you can fix a health issue without even meaning to!

Charm has had a weepy eye since the day I brought her home. It's always been teary. My vet was never overly concerned about it and it doesn't bother me except at conformation shows when I'm constantly cleaning out that eye and drying the fur underneath. I figured it was probably environmental allergies or something and just didn't worry about it.

Well - a couple weeks ago, I was out of food, hadn't placed an order for more yet, and didn't feel like going to Petco for my Solid Gold Barking at the Moon. I swung by Petsmart on the way home and picked up a bag of Wellness Core. Since I've had Charm, I don't think I've fed her a fish based food yet. With Core, I always buy the fish based one, since its the only one Buster can eat. Two weeks more weepy eye for Charm!!!!!!! Not sure what in the other foods I've fed was causing it, I'll have to look at the ingredients to see if I can find something in common. For now, though, I think I'll just continue to keep her on a fish based food and see if her eye continues to stay clear. I just ran out of Core a two nights ago, but found a local distributor that carries the fish based Victor dog food, so I bought that and we'll see how it goes with this food. We're on day two with it and so far, so good.

ETA: I checked, and all of my regular foods have some kind of beef product, so that may be the culprit. Which really sucks, because beef is a safe food for Buster. Looks like I'm either going to have to pay more attention to ingredients - no beef for Charm, no chicken or turkey for Buster, or just stick with fish based stuff.

Victor is a high quality food, made in Texas and has never had recall issues and is a bit cheaper than Core. It's nearly the same protein and fat percentages, only difference is the fiber, so I may have to add fiber for Britty, since she sometimes has issues with not being able to poop easily. Victor uses sweet potatoes while Core uses potatoes, and I prefer sweet potatoes for my dogs as white potatoes can cause joint inflamation.
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Re: benefit of switching foods

Postby Cindy » Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:03 am

Geez, I wish I'd been so lucky with Kayla's weepy eyes but her ARE due to environmental allergies. I've tried several different foods and they didn't make a bit of difference.
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