Image posting guidelines

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Image posting guidelines

Postby Mark » Sat Jan 29, 2005 10:35 am

Ok, so a few rules for posting images.

1) This is brittany general chat, not "lots of pictures of my brittany", however, we LOVE seeing all those britt pictures. Now, this is a bit of a conflict, if I have ever seen one (well.. not really.. but I need to justify the rule..) So, the first rule is, please limit yourself to 3 new threads a week for pictures. Feel free to post multiple pictures in the thread, but no more than 3 new picture threads a week per person. (a new thread, is a "new message" from the main screen.. replies, etc.. dont count as new threads..)

2) If the image is larger than 100k, please use a hot-linked thumbnail (see the message on Images, hosting, explicitive for more info).

3) Any thread you make that is specifically for posting images, should have a subject starting with [Pics], indicating it contains pictures. There are some people on slow modems, who cant/dont want to view images due to the slow connection, so we need to give fair warning.

4) Please keep images on topic. You may have just purchased a Ferrari that we do all want to see (at least I do ;) ), but we want to see it in the off topic section of the message board. For the brittany general discussion, the subject of the photos should be brittanies (Brittany dogs that is.. Brittney Spears would be considered off topic, and might just break rule 5).

5) Even in off topic, appropriate pictures ONLY. This is a family oriented message board, and anything that Barb, CJ or I wouldn't happily show to a 5-year old child, is inappropriate. You will first get a warning, but there will be no 3rd chance (do it again, and you will be going to "banned" camp). And if it is way over the top there will be no second chance. Just use common sense, and you will be fine. :)

6) Images in your signature are acceptable, but they must be under 10k. To put an image in your sig, edit your signature in your profile, and use the method explained in the "how-to" post about images.

7) Have fun!

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