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Help me choose!

Postby smugg254 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:12 pm

Hello guys i am pretty new to the forum, a friend referred me to this page about a month ago and so far i am loving it here, feels like my little comfort zone. Now straight to my point i have a two year old Brit whom a really care about she is trained and gets along with people quite well. On march the 10th 2017 she will be celebrating her birthday. I have been wanting to get her a new feeder, i browsed through the internet and came across this which is something i would love to get. However i happened to see the same exact feeder on Amazon but the price is abit high. My question is has anyone tried shopping on petstreetmall? should i get it there at a lower price or i should go with Amazon? thank you in advance.
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Re: Help me choose!

Postby janet909 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:17 am

If I put 6 lbs of food out at one time, both of my Brittanys would gorge themselves in 5 minutes and eat every last kernel. I like the water idea but my only issue is cleaning it regularly. My neighbors use one and they keep adding water without scrubbing the bowl. Sometimes I go over there and it appears moldy and scummy. Oops, to answer your questions (which I just realized that I didn't), no, I'm an Amazon girl and haven't tried this other company.
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Re: Help me choose!

Postby MaggieRocks » Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:18 pm

Personally, I would not use a feeder like that. I measure out my dogs meals both morning and evening. I want to know exactly how much they are eating, and I want to know if they are eating less (or seem to want more.) If I used a feeder like that, I wouldn't have any idea if Emma & Sammy were eating 1 cup of food per day or 3 cups of food per day! Just my opinion. (It would be ok for water, but as Janet said, harder to keep clean. I use a large, stainless steel bowl, and I can easily wash it each day.)
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Re: Help me choose!

Postby Barb Wright » Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:28 pm

MaggieRocks wrote:Personally, I would not use a feeder like that.

I feeding is rarely, if ever, a good idea.
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