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My Beamer

Postby janet909 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:29 pm

I didn't realize that I never posted about Beamer until I mentioned him and some of you commented that you hadn't realized that he had passed. It's been a crazy 2 years. We had Moby, Wesley and Sheppy. Sheppy passed away in late May of 2015 after a 9 month battle of renal failure. We then adopted our Beamer at the age of 9 1/2 in July of 2015. The following June, we lost Moby of megaesophagus. That left Wesley and Beamer. Life was good and we were content with our 2 furbabies. When Beamer arrived, he was quite neurotic. He had been kept in a crate for the large majority of the day for a number of years. Due to this, he developed many bad habits that we actually worked through......well, most of them anyway. He was still a piece of work in the car with howling, panting, shaking. It was unnerving to say the least though admittedly, it was mostly from excitement.

In March, my husband and I went to Mexico for a month to attend school. Beamer stayed with my brother-in-law. When we returned, my BIL told us that in the past few days, Beamer was eating with less enthusiasm. We observed him for a couple days and sure enough, he had a decreased appetite. We took him to the vet and he had a fever. We did a round of antibiotics and then a second round after he continued to have a fever. After that, he still had a poor appetite. We tested stool, blood and urine. Everything was within normal limits. Finally, we shot an x-ray and he had a massive tumor in his abdomen. My vet could barely palpate it despite it's size of close to a grapefruit. On x-ray, we could see that it was almost obstructing his intestine and knew that time was extremely short. This was a Friday. He went for walks on Saturday and Sunday but had a difficult Sunday night. He refused to eat and panted all night. A couple of times, he stopped breathing for about 30 seconds and we sighed with relief only to have him start panting again. On a Monday morning in early May, we helped him on his way.

Everything happened so fast that we were just devastated. He was the energy in the house and his loss was greatly felt. We had lost 3 brittanys in less than 2 years. I think I never posted because I was having such a hard time. Anyway, he was a beautiful boy with lots of spirit. I wonder if his years in a crate was too stressful and thus caused the cancer but I guess it isn't important at this point in time. We loved him for the 22 months that we had him. The first pic is him hanging out in our mexican casita. The second one is the last picture I took of him. Interesting, he almost ALWAYS slept on his back. In hindsight, we wonder if that was because it put less pressure on the tumor. We just thought it was cute. :cry: :cry:

On a happier ABR surprise is in the works.......stay tuned.


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Re: My Beamer

Postby gagesbarb » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:30 pm

Thanks for catching us up, painful though it is, I'm sure, to go over it all :cry:
he was certainly lucky to end up in your family and have people care about him, even if it was for too short a time...but for him, he ended up being wrapped in love...thank you for giving him that time!!
We lost our Sam to megaesophagus also...he had laryngeal paralysis as well
On a happier note, looking forward to hearing about your ABR surprise :D
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Re: My Beamer

Postby Cindy » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:01 am

I can't imagine the sense of loss you've experienced. I know what it's like to lose one dog so multiplied by 3 is unimaginable. No wonder you were having a hard time! I really am sorry you had to go through so much loss but it's kind of the price you pay for having and loving so many dogs. Your dogs have always had such an amazing life because they seem to go everywhere and do everything with you. Layla and Pippa are only a year apart (now 8 and 9) and I'm already dreading what the future may hold. Can't wait to hear more about the ABR surprise so please keep us posted.
Kayla RIP 10/2/15, Pippa, and Layla
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