JJ helped in class

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JJ helped in class

Postby gagesbarb » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:13 am

I help teach the trainers course for our dog club...we work with potential trainers, teaching learning theory, problem solving, how to work with the PEOPLE (the hardest part), etc. We bring our dogs to demonstrate and let the people practice various exercises...I haven't been bringing Gage since he's had his bronchitis...it is a long day and although he liked it, I was reluctant...yesterday, I took JJ for the first time and he did great :lol: Also good for him since it was a controlled situation of meeting a lot of new people who would "wait" for him to stop his loud barking and find another way to greet them--he quickly learned to "grumble" and do his usual rubbing up against them and being cute...still too excited to pass CGC polite greeting, but not a big problem...this is a long class (noon to 5pm) and he had to chill for long periods while we discussed things, had to walk nicely with me while I handed things out, got materials, etc., go through various exercises with people who were learning so their cues weren't always consistent or the same as mine and generally deal with a different environment (the Humane society where there are lots of people, noises, dogs and I'm sure smells from the other animals including cats, birds, and rabbits...he was wonderful!!! While we were cleaning up at the end, he tried to jump on the stage and not being very coordinated, tripped and pulled something :shock: no limping, but at home, had hard time finding a comfortable way of lying down...but ate and slept well all night and is back to normal this morning...quiet day today...always something, but I am so excited about how well he did!!!!
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Re: JJ helped in class

Postby Cindy » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:21 pm

Sounds like a successful class for everyone ... except the minor injury :roll:
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Re: JJ helped in class

Postby janet909 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:43 pm

Sounds like a great way to get socialized !!!!!
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Re: JJ helped in class

Postby AuntieMom » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:10 pm

Sounds like he handled the long day like a champ. A+, JJ!!!
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