I see you lurking, join us!

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Did your Britt make you laugh today? Did he do something so smart, you are blown away? Those puppy teeth causing you to tear up, and you need an outlet? Or do you want to post a picture of his or her latest point? This is the place for it!

I see you lurking, join us!

Postby Bernie's mom » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:44 pm

I scroll to the bottom to see who's online and there are always a few guests looking around.
Join us! Whip up a cute user name and introduce yourself and your Brittanies! That's what it's all about!
This is a loving, supportive group, through the laughs and the tears, I can guarantee that you'll make real life friends here.
Yes, it is a slow forum, but you're reading this, and if a few people joined every day and started posting the activity would rise as well!

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