Another small Tara brag

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Another small Tara brag

Postby Jeanne » Sun Dec 12, 2004 9:07 pm

My computer has been disabled for the last week so I am just catching up on all the posts.

Tara and I went to two Walking Field Trials last weekend and she placed fourth both days.

The first day she was in the last brace of the day and it was getting dark. We started out by me falling on my head when I slipped in the mud at breakaway. Tara pulls like crazy at that point and when she lunged forward I slipped. One of the fellows offered to help me as I gathered my hat and wits so I had him hold the Tara dog. I got a kick out of it when he commented on how strong she was. Anyhow, her bracemate kept bothering her and had to be picked up. The judges were very helpful and told me where to direct her once we got to the birdfield so she did have a nice find. It was getting so dark I couldn't find the bird and I relocated her. Turns out the bird was a good thirty feet from her when it flushed.

On the second day we at least had daylight. I made the mistake of slowing down and letting her get behind me for which I was sternly corrected by the judge. It was funny, though, just as he told me to whistle her up and get her in front of me he and I realized she was on point. She had three finds and also proved she was not afraid to run in front of me. I always assume that I know the least of anyone, but this time my bracemate knew less - I was following his lead when I slowed down!! So I learned some valuable lessons. I ended the weekend feeling like Tara is getting placements in spite of her handler :lol:

Sometimes it breaks my heart that I know so little - I am quite sure that Dee would have a SH by now and I know my Tara has FC potential. BUT, I am not only not financially able to send her away to a pro, I am not willing. On the happy side, she is so much fun to learn with. She has such a joyful personality. I also find it funny that I have gone from being thrilled at any placement to wanting better placements. :)
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Postby CJ » Sun Dec 12, 2004 9:17 pm

Sounds like your learning.... thats pretty much the way to learn also (by doing). That FC will come, might take a little longer on your own, but it will mean that much more because you BOTH did it, not her and someone else.... hang in there and Congrats! (BTW, pros start the same way you are... we sometimes loose sight of that)
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