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2nd Edition of Fast Dog Slooooow Handler

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:35 pm
by rtropeano
Good thing I'm not a self - conscious person you can see I'm the "portly" type to put it bluntly.
This week we were working on exceleration and deceleration - OH MY GOD -
I thought I was going to die.....

We had a sequence of about 4 jumps straight away and then a turn and go back over the same four jumps (forgive me I don't know the agility term for that, I'm sure others do, maybe it was a 360) My teacher kept saying, okay, excelerate - meaning for me to run
Are you kidding me - you do "see" me right....

I was so out of breath Daisy would not take the last jump because she was checking to see if I was okay...

Too funny!