What I wish I knew...

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What I wish I knew...

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... among a thousand other things :wink:

We got Mae in August and pretty quickly went through an awful awful awful (did i mention AWFUL?) obedience class.

Then with some personal obligations and the holidays I have just now been able to start another class (which is great so far). In the mean time I've been working with Mae quite a bit on my own.

Which gets me to the point... really the ONE thing I wish I had known from the start...

Practice commands EVERYWHERE and not just right smack in front of you!!

I made this mistake and now in class everytime I ask Mae for anything she automatically curves back right around in front of me, which, god bless her, I've been inadvertently training her to do for 6 months now. I've been working very hard to undo this, and thankfully Mae is a quick study, but it's still extra work I could have avoided. It just never occurred to me she'd need to sit anywhere else! :oops:

Just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone could learn from my mistake. :D

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