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Me & McGillicuddy
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Naming Contest

Post by Me & McGillicuddy »

Ahem. shuffle, shuffle. I have a question.

Does anyone use a special name/command for when they wish for their dog to go to the bathroom on demand?

For instance, during last-call for the evening, would like to be able to say whatever-the-word-is and that means let's go outside and go potty, or as the French would say, "oui-oui".

One person at class said they use the word "hurry", we said "out-side!" with our Quin.

Wanted to see if there were any "classics" out there or a universally used one.

This will be fun to see what gets nominated!
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Barb Wright
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Post by Barb Wright »

I use "quick potty" for when I need her to do it now When we were doing so much travelling in the motor home this was very necessary :roll: And I use "time for one more potty" for the last call at night. Just pick your que word and repeat it each time they eliminate, even marking. Treats help...though I didn't use treats, just kept up with the repetition. It doesn't take long for them to pick it up.
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Post by Dave »

"Go Pee" :!: :P :lol:
Molly just wanders around and I have to remind her . She developed a nervous water drinking problem during her masive weight loss (52 lbs. in 9 months ) . She drinks huge amts of water if we don't watch her , then dribbles at night because her bladder is so full :roll: . The dufous won't ask to go out :roll: :? .

With Levi , there is no problem at all . Males usually want to go whiz on the fence or wherever anyway :lol: 8) Dave
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Post by Cindy »

I'm with Dave - "go pee!" Kayla always gets distracted so reminding her is important. And Jill's nickname is "the camel" because she never has to pee!!
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Canned Ice
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Post by Canned Ice »

"Go potty" over here.
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Post by StaceyM »

Canned Ice wrote:"Go potty" over here.
Yup, same here!

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Post by Lisa »

I use "go potty" for my dogs. They will all potty on command, which is great, especially when traveling or when it's cold or raining out.

With Britty, sometimes she'll pee and want to come back in. If I know she needs to poop too, I'll tell her "You're not done. Get back out there and go potty again." She'll go back out to the grass, circle a bit and poop.
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Post by Beth »

For my Golden, it's "high-low". For the Brit,"go potty, go potty, go potty" He needs to be reminded at times. Not sure why, but my Golden likes High-low and that's the only one that works.

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Post by rtropeano »

Go Potty is Daisy's cue as well.

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Post by dmedric »

We use "do your business".

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Post by HOPE »

We use "Go potty" too :D
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Post by AuntieMom »

We say "outside" anytime we leave the house.

We say "go potty" when we are outside and them to eliminate if they need to.

We use the "hurry" command after giving another command. Rather than repeat the command, I say "hurry" if I am sure the dog heard the command.

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Post by DelawareBritts »

When I was a puppy raiser for seeing Eye, we used "park". I can use park or go potty for my three and they pee. Pooing is another story.
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Post by Chellie »

We use - Go PeePee ...and then if Scooter just looks at me, I tell him to hurry up and that works! My girlfriend thinks I need to use a better word!

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Post by thekeiths »

We are working on "Uno" and "Dos" with Fonzie - I think he's starting to get what Uno means but I think that Dos is still beyond him :)

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