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In Memory of Dave.

Post by Mark »

As you have likely heard, Dave Powers, a true champion of Brittanys, and an extraordinary example of the human spirit, passed away while hunting on Sunday, September 13th. Along with saving countless dogs, he was an ever-present figure here on the ABR message board. Over the years, he has touched us all- from offering advice on a crazy new foster to celebrating the huge victory of another pup arriving at their forever home.

While he is no longer with us, he leaves an amazing legacy that we keep in our hearts to help motivate and comfort us when times are tough, and to embrace that wonderful joy when a dog is finally saved. It is in that spirit that I post this thread- "In Memory of Dave." Please feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts and memories of Dave. It is a small way that we can keep his spirit alive in all of us.

ABRs tribute image created by Rhonda.

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by Rhonda »

Dave touched so many people! Two whole days have passed since I heard that we'd lost him and I'm still pretty much in denial. I hope all of you use this forum to put down your comments about Dave. I can't think of a better tribute to all he gave us!

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Barb Wright
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by Barb Wright »

When I think of Dave and the years of his coming to the message board with his voice of experience, advice and suggestions, and above all, tales of his life with (and for) dogs, I realize that he had this great ability to make me smile, laugh, weep, be amazed, and ultimately thankful. The fact that all those feelings were inspired by his relating the results of his devotion to all dogs, Brittany or not, made the feelings that much more profound. I've been around a long time and I'm sure I've never known anybody else who could do all that :D

To single out just one "Dave-ism" is hard, but I think what awed me the most was his saving the life of Molly. Most of you will recall that Molly came to him as an old "two-dogs-in-one" rescue, 96 pounds as I remember, and he perservered and got her down to a healthy and living weight. When I met Molly at the Rocky Mountain Picnic my thought was "there for sure is a Dave miracle walking around and enjoying life". :D

I also loved that fact that he could tell a tale and laugh at himself in the telling :) That he kept his sense of humor through all the years of helping others, people included, says volumes about the man we knew as Dave. I wish he was still here with us......but then, of course he still is. So many dogs, so many people, there is no way his memory will fade :)
RIP Sweet Cassie 4/98 - 3/13

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by muddydogs »

In 2006 Dave drove our boy Brooks and his traveling companion Honey from Livingston to Butte, on Easter Sunday, in a snow storm . What’s really amazing is that this trip, that was so life changing for us, was just a typical day in the life of Dave Powers.

When I posted an update about Brooks, Dave responded with kindness and humility. He even posted a picture of Brooks that he had taken that day. Then he said the most amazing thing. He said “Give him a big pet from his uncle Dave” Uncle Dave!!! Dave considered himself Brooks’ uncle. I felt like a great honor had been bestowed on our family.

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by Cindy »

Dave was always there ... and by that I mean he was always on the discussion board and available to answer questions. He would give advice based on a wealth of experience but had a great sense of humor as well. Dave had one of the biggest hearts I've ever known. He knew what was best when it came to dogs but he was also very perceptive about people as well. He was honest and direct and I knew I could count on him. Dave was also very humble and we all had to remind him, from time to time, that he did a remarkable job for ABR but most of all, for the dogs. I "almost" had a chance to meet him several years ago when we were on vacation in Yellowstone but guess what - he was on a hunting trip! I loved hearing his tales of transporting dogs and everything that involved - bad weather, car problems, dealing with challenging people, etc. But most of all I loved to hear about the dogs that were lucky enough to spend even short amounts of time under his care and in his home. When I close my eyes and picture Dave this is the image that comes to mind - he's surrounded by Britts who have taken over his chairs and couches while he lies on the floor with the biggest smile on his face. Those dogs all knew they were living with a real angel!
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by AuntieMom »

I loved Dave’s genuineness. Sometimes his comments made so much sense that you would just sit back and feel stupid for not thinking of that. For instance, Dave and I were in contact about a pretty Brittany girl in a shelter in Nebraska when no foster space was available. She was a young puppy. The shelter said she was a “hell on wheels” and a dominant female. When I told that to Dave, he replied “puppy as a dominant female, that is absurd.” And I thought – um yeah, it really is!

He had such a soft spot for the challenging big boys, maybe because they need us the most. He encouraged me more than once by saying “Auntie, hang in there” when my husband and I were dealing with our challenging but lovable foster who we ended up adopting recently. Dave said our new boy will be one of the best we’ve known.

Here is a picture of Dave and his wife with some of us after the ABR Rocky Mountain picnic this summer.

Heaven has dogs, Dave. This I know because they will be where you are.
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by DelawareBritts »

:cry: :cry: :cry: Dave was always there with such words of wisdom and encouragement.

I remember when a special guy trotted in to my foster care...heartworms and all. He was my first "sick" foster. I had him for a while and absoultely fell in love with him. When it came time to decide on a wonderful couple that would give him way more than I could, or keep him...Dave said these words "whisper in his ear that you always be there for him" It's my very own Dave-ism I say to all my fosters going to their forever home.

I remember Dave sending me quarters to complete my "one and only" collection (besides Brittanys and cameras...LOL). I sent him a thank you with a picture of just Cooper's eyes, like he was staring at whoever opened the envelope...he PM'ed me that he got a big kick out of that picture and brought a big smile to me on a really crummy day.

Woofs forever Dave!

julia, rosie, cooper and trey louie
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by flygirljill »

Although I've never met Dave, I really enjoyed reading his posts. He was very active on the boards and was always there for me and anyone else that needed him. I'm so sad about his passing. I know all the ABR people and dogs will really miss him. He touched so many lives both 2 and 4 legged. My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.
Jill, Abby's mom :cry:
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by kat »

Wow, favorite memory? Was it his sincere compassion, true empathy, when my first "heart" Brittany passed? Was it the always present encouragement for every tribulation? The cheering for every happy event? Maybe the time we met up in Yellowstone for the day and he and Diane played tour guide for us?
Sight seeing here in Colorado the day before the Rocky Mtn ABR Picnic? Or sitting around on our deck after the picnic, drinking a beer and talking about all the wonderful Brittanies and their owners? No single one would be a favorite without the others, just knowing Dave, all inclusive, will be my favorite memory. Here is a photo of he and Diane while we were in Yellowstone just one year ago.

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by Jacksbuddy »

When I first posted to this board in Jan. 05 Dave was the first to reply. I could tell immediately his matter-of-fact approach was drawn from years of hands on experience. I always enjoyed his stories, the successes and the failures, but most of all his unrelenting eagerness to give advice when someone was having an issue with their dog or foster.

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Helen E.
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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by Helen E. »

Just wanted to say that I love the ABR tribute image that Rhonda created. It took me a minute to realize that Dave's picture is in the middle of all the Britts--just like I think of him now.

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by tmixdorf »

I never got to meet this sweet soul while he graced this earth. But it didn't matter, you met his heart and soul and that is all you needed to know of him. He gave of his time, his money and and spirit to helping so many of the helpless. He was a really big help with the adoption of Bert & Ernie who are from Cedar Rapids, IA and went to live (and still live) in Montana.

He gave advice freely and was always teaching us as well as being taught. His dry sense of humor always made me laugh out load. That's the best type of humor to have.

His name will be missed from the message board and from our emails. His voice may be silent, but his spirit lives on.

This is not good bye, but "until we meet again". I know where to look too...the guy with all the dogs surrounding him giving him all the love he gave to them while here on earth.
Terry Mixdorf

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by swillow66 »

My hero, mentor and friend
It has been really hard to put into words how much Dave meant to me. Dave’s heart and soul was Brittany rescue but he enjoyed all the friends he met along the way. For all his public post on-line, he probably spent more time private messaging or emailing his ideas, thoughts, support and encouragement. Sometimes he’d throw in a joke to just make you laugh. :lol:

As most know, when I needed help with Leo, one of my more difficult fosters, Dave simply said, “send him to me!” As a 60 lb, unruly teenage Britt, “Dave’s Boot Camp” saved his life and Leo actually turned out to be a good dog. I always joked with him that I “owed him a foster”

For several years, Dave and I shared a love of drag racing and he kept saying how much he wanted to come to Denver for Mile High Nationals. Early this spring he let me know he was going to bring Diane and come for vacation. Kat and I decided we needed a little “Dave’s Coming to Denver” party and pretty soon it turned out to be a huge rescue event and picnic. We also had the wonderful pleasure to expand the visit and enjoy some sightseeing and BBQ's with Dave, Diane, Lisa, Barb, Nancy and Harlan.

Dave and Diane stayed at my house and for me; the best part was that my family finally had the opportunity to really understand what the people at ABR meant to me. My husband's and Dave’s conversation would bounce back from rescue, dogs, to cars and drag racing. Diane and my daughter had the best time playing tennis on the Wii, it was so funny! Levi and Molly were simply perfect!

I had the chance at some private conversations with Dave that I will always remember and treasure. The last two weeks I've had so many times to think, "gee, I need to tell that to Dave". Somehow, I know that he is still listening . . . Shelli

Dave and a Bugatti

Dave Goofing off at Mile High Nationals
Madison and Riley "Waiting for Spring!"

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by rtropeano »

Shelli, thanks for giving a glimpse of your personal meetings with Dave and Diane. I know you hold those prescious memories close.

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Re: In Memory of Dave.

Post by holisticmom »

Some say that he was crazy
Some are glad he's gone*
Some of us will miss him
And try to carry on
Giving a voice to the forest
Giving a voice to the dawn
Giving a voice to the {Brittanys**}
And the land that he lived on
Oh, Montana, give this child a home
Give him the love of a good family and a woman of his own
Give him a fire in his heart and a light in his eyes
Give him the wild wind for a brother
And the wild Montana skies

John Denver, "Wild Montana Skies"

I will never hear that song again without thinking of Dave.
*Who that would be, I don't know
**originally "wilderness," but that's how I've been singing it
The point of [dog guardianship] is to open oneself to becoming partly a dog...Edward Hoagland

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