Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

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Re: Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

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I see that the last post was in May, and you likely have it all sorted out by now, but I had to reply! Your Allie sounds like our Wallace when we first got him. He was 2ish, a rescue, but no signs of abuse or anything. It took him many months to feel comfortable playing and for his full personality to come out. Maybe even a year or two. I thought he didn't like me because he didn't respond to petting- he just stood there! I wondered if his little nubbin of a tail worked at all. After several months, he became the goofiest, wiggly-little-butt, cuddly dog. We crated him at first and he cried like a banshee. We moved the crate to our bedroom and it fixed it, pretty much. Eventually the crate went away and he slept in a big pile with us on the bed. We lost him a few weeks ago at the age of 5-6 to a heart attack. When I saw the picture of Allie, my heart almost stopped- they could have been twins! Please hug that girl for me.

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Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

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Ive recently adopted a 7 y.o. female from a family that took her in after her original owners passed away. Her original owners were elderly and both passed away within the past 2 years. The couples stepdaughter took the dog in temporarily and had her for about 2 months before we were put in contact with her. The stepdaughter was unable to keep the dog - she has a husband, 4 kids, and a 7 mo. old mixed breed puppy already. The dog is slowly adjusting to her new home, but she isnt displaying "normal" chow behavior. She doesnt like being outdoors, she doesnt like being petted or brushed, she has just started eating regularily barely 1 cup of dry food, and strangest of all, she wont take any treats. Weve tried the brand her previous owners gave her as well as a couple other brands, and she wont touch them. She shows no interest in bones or chew toys, and doesnt want to play. Any suggestions on how to bring her around? Any idea how long it might take? Thanks for the help.

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Re: Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

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This forum has a wealth of experience in helping dogs adjust...I'm sure people with more experience than me will chime in...however, I think the most important thing is patience, patience, patience! From her point of view, think how her world has been turned upside down...she lost her family and her home, not once but twice...and it sounds like fromwhat you described, even when she was with her original family and then her second family, they were stressed...dogs, especially britts, are very sensitive and pick up everything...I would make sure to take her to the vet to get checked out physically to make sure nothing is going on in that realm. Then, just time, routine, calmness from you...don't push it, but let her come around on her own time table...I've found when a dog doesn't take treats, often means they are stressed and confused...You may also want to consult a trainer or vet behaviorist to get some support (make sure only positive methods are used) It is good she has started to eat...I think it will just take time...poor girl

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Re: Newly Adopted Brittany Behavior Concerns

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I totally agree with the patience concept. Some dogs adjust very quickly and barely miss a step and it takes others a much longer time. When we adopted Annie it took 3 years before she'd let us rub her belly!! She never played with toys even though our other dogs did. Layla adjusted to the routine quite quickly but was a challenge training her to "come" when called. IT took her a good year before she figured out how to play with Pippa. We've had her for 6 years and she's still not a huge fan of being petted and snuggled. She enjoys having her chest scratched but that's about it. So stick with it and I'm sure you will see many changed over the next year. Please let us know how it goes.
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