Dog won't go in yard!

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Dog won't go in yard!

Post by Cindy »

I'm posting this for my friend who lives in WI. She has a 12 year old Britt (Bridgett) and just adopted Tessa (2years old) this past weekend. Everything is going great with Bridgett and the cat but she's having trouble getting the dog to go in their yard!! Tessa is an owner surrender, was in foster care for several weeks and defintely used the yard there. They started training her to their invisible fence yesterday but all they did was walk her around, swat the flags when the beep went off, say "watch it" and call her back to them to give her a reward. She never got shocked (it was turned off). Here's what my friend said ...

She is afraid to go in our yard so I don’t know if it’s the combo of the cherries and the flag experience yesterday. I was out picking up poop because she seemed bothered by that too i.e. when she came upon Bridg’s she would like jump over it. There are just way too many cherries all around to pick those up but not everywhere in the yard and she doesn’t even seem to like those areas. I tried to bring her out with me on the corkscrew cable but she just gets to the end of it and stands there. So I thought, I’m going to take her off of it and just yell “watch it” if she goes by the flags which we have verified a handful of times that works i.e. when she hears that she jumps back which is great. So I let her off and she just went and sat by the front door to get in. So I thought I’ll let Lil (their cat) and Bridg out so she can see they’re fine being out but still she didn’t budge. The “Come” treats aren’t doing the job because she doesn’t even take the treat. I bought some better treats (hotdogs and cheese) and she still won't take them.

CAN ANYONE HELP???? She's fine on walks and will go in a field and on lawns, etc. so she's not afraid of grass. The foster home had a fenced in grassy yard too.
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Re: Dog won't go in yard!

Post by Lisa »

Been a bit absent from the boards lately...sorry!!

Anyway, it sounds like the dog is either stressed or overstimulated. The not taking treats is a huge indicator. Could they lay off the invisible fence training for a few days, and just make being in the yard very low key but rewarding? Maybe take her out to potty on leash and walk her around waaay inside the perimeter so that she doesn't have to worry about flags or beeps from the collar or anything. Maybe play a little with her in the yard or try some basic obedience or focus work, just to kinda get her mind off whatever is freaking her out. When she can successfully take yummy treats in the yard again, I'd go back to the invisible fence training, and just go slow with it.
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