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Chasing light

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:04 pm
by Denise
I was wondering if anyone has any advice to stop an 8month old male Brittany puppy from chasing light. My husband and I recently rescued 2 male pups, one has settled in with us quite well, the other (recently neutered) has started to chase light and shadows. We are trying to redirect his focus and keep him moderately active as he is still recovering from the neutering, but he seems to return to the "chase". I read a post about laser pointers not being a good choice for dogs, it seams like this is the same behavior. We have only had the boys for 2 weeks and don't know if it was a way to play before we got them, so we don't know how ingrained this behavior is. Does anyone have a suggestion we might try to help our pup? We would appreciate any advice you can provide.