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House training

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I'm new here--I have a 4 month old Brittany named Georgia who is a lively doll and we're enjoying her, if not overwhelmed by all the advice and suggestions out much information! My question is about house training--my specific question if this doesn't sound too weird, is how do they know they're not supposed to go in the house and how to do they learn to "tell" you they have to go out?! Georgia is crate trained in the sense that she sleeps all night (finally--as of last week!) in her crate and doesn't fuss at all about being in there--at night. During the day is a whole different ball game, though it doesn't really matter because I'm in and out all day and we have a big backyard and she loves to be out there, and I'm out there a fair amount of time as well, and that's where she does 99.9% of her business...that 0.1% is "accidents" in the house--I bring her in once or twice a day and either have her tethered to me or tethered in her spot on a mat next to her crate. I give her a bone to chew and she's happy with that. once in a while I let her explore our living room, kitchen and dining room which are all one big space, with all the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms closed. I am on her like a hawk and make sure she's peed before she comes in. But it's rare that she's just loose in the house. I have a bell on the door that she goes in and out of to the yard and each time I let her out I touch her paw to it and say "let's go potty" and let her out...but again, that transition from inside to out doesn't happen much because she' out much of the time. I guess the answer is to just have her in more, watching carefully for when she might have to go, and then take her out right away? The "accidents" are very few and far between (although after going about a week without she's had two in the last day)...but I just don't know, like I said, how you make them realize that they are to go outside and not insdie. Does this make sense? Sorry it's so long!

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Re: House training

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I think you ask a good good thing to do is to use the "search" function in this forum (upper right) and search for potty are right that there is a lot of advice out there and all is not good, but I find the advice on this forum very valid and reliable...importantly, in my opinion, always be positive...if she makes a mistake, she is not trying to get back at you or being obstinate or stubborn, or being willful...she is a young, distractible puppy and think of how much she is trying to learn...she learns through consistency and reinforcement...consistently associating going out that door to go potty and "going potty" earns her positive reinforcement
I think you are right that supervision is the still have a very young dog and sounds to me like you are doing well...I would take her out at certain times--when she wakes up, after meals, after chewing on her bone for a while...
and every few hours...if she starts to go in the house, scoop her up (gently) and take her outside...I personally wouldn't worry about the bell...mine have learned to "ask" to go out to potty by going to to the door we go out, turning around and looking at me...I do know their "schedule" so I try to be aware at those times..with a puppy this age, I'd have her within eyesight or in her crate as much as possible....I would also take her out on a leash, so no playing until she goes potty and then reinforce (treat) when she goes...then she also can go play, sniff, etc. Mostly takes lots of patience, consistency and awareness that the process is not a straight line and she is still very young...

just a few thoughts...I'm sure others will chime in...

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