Please someone help!

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Please someone help!

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I recently got my first Brittany fur baby. A 8 week old male named Waylon. We have had him for two weeks ( yes I am aware breeders should not seoerate the pups from the litter that early) found that out a little too late. Waylon is so lovable. He is smart and rarely even has an accident in the house. One problem. He bites. Like ALl the time. I know puppies play but it's 95% of the time. I've tried ignoring, yelping in a high voice when he "hurts" me the way his brothers and sisters would. Time out... nothing works. We've talked to a trainer and nothing seems to work. Worse is that until all his shots are current I don't let him roam around outside as I live basically on a dog park and don't want him getting parvo. When I pick him up to come inside he almost always tries to bite my shoulder HARD!! I have spent
Countless hours researching. He is very great driven as he already can sit, stay and go to your bed. I'm wondering if there is a way to get him to stop biting with treats. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Please someone help!

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Ah, if anything tries our patience puppy biting is surely near the top of the list !! It will pass (believe it), but in the meantime if you use the "Search" function found at the upper right hand corner of the page you will find a lot of tips. Type in "biting" (without the quotes) and every discussion we have ever had about this subject will come up. A bit of reading to do, but there is a world of information and suggestions to be found....there should be some ideas there to help you.

Remember, repetition (many, many reps) is where your patience comes in. See what works the best and just keep at it. Also, once you can let Waylon play with other dogs it will help a lot with this issue. Dogs teach "bite inhibition" to each other better than we can do it. Do keep us posted on what you do and how it works :)
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