Scared of the noise from a portable air conditioner

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Scared of the noise from a portable air conditioner

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Now that it is summer we need to turn on portable air conditioners. Rocco is scared of the noise that they make. He will not come in from outside. As soon as he does he turns around and cries at the door to go back outside. He will go down to the family room in the basement and not come up. His kennel is upstairs in our bedroom where we have an air conditioner and my husband basically has to carry him up the steps to get him to come up to go in his kennel at night. I don't want him to be afraid to be in the house during the day when it is hot. We have had a cool spell and I've had no air conditioners on and he is back to his normal happy self. If anybody can give me some ideas I would be very happy because I want a happy Rocco

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Re: Scared of the noise from a portable air conditioner

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I think the basic approach is to counter condition-- try to associate the "scarey" thing with a positive, i.e. really yummy treat (braunschweiger, chicken, roast beef, cheese, etc.) The idea is to be ready with the treat and as soon as the dog notices the scarey thing, feed him a treat; repeat, repeat, repeat. The hard thing about noises is that it is hard to get an appropriate "threshold,"
i.e. enough "distance" that the dog is not overloaded. Maybe start on the porch where he can hear the air conditioner, but is not totally overloaded. The other problem is that theoretically, you are not supposed to overload the dog with stimulus, and I'm not sure how you do that and still get air conditioning when you need it. some people I know have had good results with thundershirts as a way of helping the dog calm in the face of scarey things, usually thunder, but sometimes new places, etc. They have used the thundershirt along with treats. I might also look into the DAP diffuser to help make the house more calming...use it all the time. I wonder if Rocco afraid of other noises, i.e. vacuums, microwaves, hair dryers? If he is, maybe counter condition with those as well
Let us know how things are going...

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