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Rocco is really settling in. My question is at 7 months how much should he be sleeping during the day? He seems to sleep a lot during the day and isn't as playful as I thought he would be. At 7 months I feel he is a very good dog with a couple exceptions. He grabs clumps of grass and runs around with it before eating it. He destroys all of this is squeaky toys that have fur on them. I am lucky he only goes after his toys not anything else. I just worry that he sleep so much. I remember when we rescued Hunter at 13 months he never slept he was on the go all the time. Rocco is not really left by himself. I have somebody who watches him while I am at work and then he is with us in the morning before I go to work and in the evenings so he's never really left alone that he needs to sleep in a kennel. Am I worrying for nothing or should I just count my lucky stars that I have a mellow Britt.?

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Re: Sleepy

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I think that dogs, especially young dogs (and Rocco is still young) do sleep a lot. Don't know exactly how much...Of course, you need to look at the whole picture, i.e. is he eating, pooping his fur he responsive to play and likes to be petted, takes treats, etc. Sounds like he still plays at times--he is running and playing with grass clumps and ripping up his "babies." My dogs have always ripped up soft toys, even those that are supposedly for fierce chewers. Unfortunately, JJ swallows the stuffing so we can't let him have those toys unsupervised...I also find that in the hot weather (heat warnings here), my dogs tend to hibernate, even in the air conditioning...I am not nearly as experienced with brittanys as many here, but the three I have had were different in their energy level...

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