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Something new for leash training

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 7:59 am
by Karen_P
I was on the site this morning looking for an owners manual for a e-collar I bought a couple years ago (and never used), and found a new gadget for leash training that I thought might be an option for those of you that have tried everything and are still being walked by your dogs.

In essence, it's a leash and collar all in one that has a remote trainer attached to it. It allows you to administer corrections for pulling that are similar to buried fence and shock collar corrections. It's inexpensive...$27, and looks like it might actually work.

Now, I'm not endorsing this product. I've never used it, but because e-collars are considered highly effective and acceptable training tools if used correctly, I would think this e-leash would work really well too.