Thank God I found this forum!!

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Re: Thank God I found this forum!!

Post by adele »

crazybritx2 wrote: They saw two birds this morning and both lunged at the same time and I almost broke my wrist :( So, will just keep working at it.
Man, you have your hands full! I was fed up with my ONE girl this morning and she's an okay walker most of the time AND I don't have a stroller with me. I suppose hubby was working. Does he take them in the evening? Is there any chance you could recruit a friend on daytime walks - they could take the leash of at least one dog?

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Re: Thank God I found this forum!!

Post by headtrip_honey »

crazybritx2 wrote:As far as the behavior that is wild, Im talking they get crazy and start running and jumping up on couches, tables, grabbing anything to tear up and running out of the room. So, that is when they go outside, because that is too much for me. They have plenty of toys and chews to entertain them as well.
Yeah....that's typical puppy boredom.

Take them outside and play with them!

I specifically say "play WITH them," instead of just let them play with each other, because then you can show them what is and is not an acceptable outlet for their energy.

When left to their own devices, they might invent games that you might not enjoy (hole digging, for example).

Throw a ball around with them, get them to chase you, or play tug of war with them.

But make sure they know what is appropriate to do, and where. If, when playing, they get a little "mouthy" (nipping at you during play), don't worry, this is normal puppy behavior. To discourage it, YELP really high and really loud when they nip, then turn your backs on them. The yelping is what they do to each other to say, "Hey, that hurt, back off!" Turning your back tells them that mouthing equals end of play.
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Re: Thank God I found this forum!!

Post by NancyH »

Your town sounds like mine. We don't have a dog park either but we do have a gated baseball field. Check out places like that - football field, soccer field, etc. Just be a good citizen and take your plastic bags.

That craziness you mention is what many of us call "the zoomies". Yes, put them OUT. That is what they need. You will notice that they will probably do the zoomies and then crash for a good long nap. Mine get it right after dinner for about an hour then they are down for the count for the rest of the night. Or they have just woke up. Either way, out they go.

You are on the right track. And bless you for not giving up so easily.

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Re: Thank God I found this forum!!

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Yes, Zoomies....I know it well. Be careful about turning your back on that though - by all means you need to tell them that nipping it not part of play and nipping will end play, HOWEVER, if you have a dog like mine, and they're are zooming and you turn your back, you might get "jumped". That is not fun.

Keep up your crate training too - it will come in handy. I work from home, and wasn't vigilant enough about keeping up on my crate training and I'm paying for that now - I have a dog who panics when she's left alone.

Good luck!

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