Is my dog STUPID?

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Is my dog STUPID?

Post by LizieDio »

Chance is 5 years old, and I got him from Animal Friends (in Pittsburgh, PA) when he was 5 months old. There have been numerous times when I actually think my dog is either stupid or just retarded! He only listens to my commands when I have a treat in my hand, if not he goes about his merry way and does what ever he feels like!

He is FIXED but he HUMPS and my boyfriend likes to watch him hump the males at the dog park. No matter how many times I have tried to get him to stop I cant. He humps the cats, the stuffed tiger and the poor other doggies at the park.

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Re: Is my dog STUPID?

Post by adele »

He only listens to my commands when I have a treat in my hand, if not he goes about his merry way and does what ever he feels like!
HaHaHaHa doesn't sound stupid to me! As had been said before, "dogs do what works for them". There is a difference between training your dog with food as a reward and bribing your dog to do what you want. Maybe you could go back several steps and start over. Use many short training sessions throughout the day and switch the rewards you use, sometimes a treat, sometimes a pat, sometimes a quick play session. Maybe get a treat pouch or a bowl of treats on a table (out of doggie reach of course) so you can do the training without obvious treats in you hand. Do you live by NILIF? There are tons of websites that explain it. Here's one but you can google it and find lots to read. Sounds like it might help a lot.

I don't know about the humping but if your boyfriend is encouraging it you'll have an even harder time eliminating the behavior.

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Re: Is my dog STUPID?

Post by LauraV »

I had foster that was a young male Brit. He was neutered at a young age, but at 11 months still humped. It seemed to me that he was using it as "excercise". He only did it when he was really riled up, after I came home from 8 hrs at work and he just need to go go go. (He humped his big fluffy dog bed)
I've also seen males do it as a way of showing dominance. It sounds like he needs to be put in his place.
Ditto Adele on NILIF.
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Re: Is my dog STUPID?

Post by Dave »

The ladies covered this well . :) .

I will add that the humping needs to be stopped at the dog park . It is about the rudest behavior their is with dog-dog relationships . Sometimes it's just excitement causing it , boredom and then dominance . Someday a realy self assured male dog is going to rip into him with maybe dire consequences . I know my male Levi will warn them and if they don't stop he'll escalate it all the time watching me .

I foster so much that I have zero tolerance for it . I can tell the difference between excitement and rude behavior .Anyway stop him from humping any dog . Put him in a sit stay and or take him to the car or crate or both and plant his furry butt in it . 8) Dave
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Re: Is my dog STUPID?

Post by Annabelle »

Jack just went through a rough week - he had the humpies all week. We were getting frustrated so to discourage him from humping Ruby we filled up the squirt bottle with water and tried to squirt him whenever he assumed the position. We tried to do it in such a way that he couldn't see that the source of water from us. For Jack this really worked, because he stopped what he was doing and stood there trying to figure out what happened. It probably took about 5-7 days of having the squirt bottle handy and no more humping.

This was the most we saw Jack have the humpies - so not sure if there was a female in heat in the neighborhood that set him off, he doesn't normally do this.

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