Yesterday's quakes

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Yesterday's quakes

Post by holisticmom »

Well, there were three quakes yesterday: DC, Colorado, and San Francisco. I hope everyone is ok.
Did anyone's pups feel it? Oakley had been acting up for several days before hand--a huge flareup of the jumping and mouthing. He's calmer today, but he was so out of control despite extra walks, playtime, and training sessions that I had to give him some homeopathic remedies to calm him down.
We also are in a round of colorful and interesting opportunities for personal growth with Holistic Dad's family. Oakley is an exceptionally sensitive guy, so he's picking up on that, too. How did the other pups do?
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Re: Yesterday's quakes

Post by Sandy1999 »

I'm in NJ and we felt it pretty good - I was in my office and they evacuated for 1/2 hour. My husband was home with Rusty - the husband said the house shook and rattled and the dog slept right through it :) At almost 12, he sleeps HARD. Sometimes when I come home he only wakes up after I sit next to him and rub his old man.

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Re: Yesterday's quakes

Post by Cindy »

We live about 35-40 miles from the epicenter of the one in VA and it was BIG, for VA anyway. Everything was rocking and rolling. My dogs were outside and seemed fine when I got home. And, when a 4.2 aftershock hit last evening about 8 pm they never woke up!! However, my inlaws Britt took one look at my nephew and landed smack dab in the middle of his lap!
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