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Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:10 am
by daizee
Our boy, Lucky, is 99% wonderful to have around. Except for the bewitching hour. (That's when my husband and I go totally mindless for awhile before bedtime--reading or watching really stupid TV.) Just when we have gotten deliciously comfortable, Lucky goes into action--pawing us, nosing, us, and working up to his whisper barks. Usually we just let him go hunting in the back yard, or, if the weather's crummy, give him a rawhide. That was before we discovered hide-and-go-sock. Yup. Spelling is correct. They have to be socks that I've worn during the day though. It starts when I've pulled them off and thrown them on the steps. Lucky calmly goes over, grabs a sock in his mouth, and brings it to me. There he stands, sock in mouth, frozen. Eye-lock. Fine!!! Here we go... I get up, he drops the sock, I grab the sock plus the sock-mate and go around the house, stealthily hiding both. He's off! It's just the funniest thing. First he does the boundary search--behind the draperies, under the tables, expanding to the upstairs, and, if all else fails, to the cave (basement). Then it's criss-crossing the open spaces. When he finds and brings me the first one, we go through the required hugs and kisses routine. Now... off for the mate. (How does he always know there are TWO???) Anyway, after about three or four sets of this silliness, he down for the count. Usually happily snoring upside-down next to the couch. Now if this doesn't knock the socks off the day's stresses, I sure don't know what would. :lol:

Re: Hide-and-go-sock

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:13 am
by Barb Wright
:lol: :lol: :lol: What a great game !!! The visual on that is just terrific 8) You've taken to your "trick training" veeeeery well...Lucky gets an A+ as a human trainer :P :P Just be aware that you are under control of a clever brain and he will no doubt be thinking up new tricks for you to learn :P

I have a "sock" story to tell too, not as fun as yours but rather poignant......Cassie, on her own initiative, has always carried my dirty socks from the bathroom to the laundry for me. Well, one evening after showering she picked up a sock from the pile of clothes on the floor and rather than going to the laundry basket she jumped up on the was late, we were all tired.....and wouldn't take the sock to the basket. I got sort of huffy and grabbed the sock from her and put it in the basket. The next morning I was in the bathroom doing morning ablutions and here she came with "the" sock in her mouth and a very expectant look on her face !!! It was an OMG moment for me....she had actually gotten into the laundry basket, something she had never done before, gotten out one of the socks and brought it to me as an APOLOGY !!! I quickly praised her, OH, what a gooooood girl, and fussed over her as she took the sock back to the laundry basket. All was right with our world once more. I have to say that I was astounded at the thinking process she had gone through, especially so because of the time lapse.

These dogs just continue to amaze me, and it sounds like Lucky is another one of those just too clever for words...wonderful story, thanks for sharing that one :D

Re: Hide-and-go-sock

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:21 pm
by daizee
An apology!!! :o The depth of love in our universe knows no bounds...and these amazing creatures remind us of that every day. Beyond words indeed. Thank you for sharing! :D :D :D

Re: Hide-and-go-sock

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:51 pm
by Alifaire
Socks - Victor's favorite way to say 'It's time for a treat!' When the house is too quiet for Victor, he'll go missing and then we hear the sound of heavy paws running thru the house - any other time Victor is very quiet. But we know that he has a sock and it's time for his treat. He's trained DH very well and at the sound of the heavy paws, DH is up and calling - 'Bring me the sock and you'll get a treat!' Victor appears from somewhere with the sock in mouth and delivers it to DH's hand in return for a treat. :lol:

Victor has taught himself to open a pocket door and an expandable gate in order to get into the 'sock vault' [aka laundry room] in order to play the game. :roll:

Re: Hide-and-go-sock

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:47 pm
by Cindy
Jill has a sock fetish too! EVery morning John leaves his dirty socks on the floor (never make the laundry basket!). Jill comes in from her morning post breakfast run and heads straight for the smelly socks. On a good day she can cram both of them in her mouth, then proudly prances around the house with them finally ending up on the bed using the socks for a pillow. Never once has she chewed on them or used them for tug toys even though we knot up old socks with holes and put them in the toy basket. Those are usually quickly shredded but NEVER EVER the good smelly ones!