No-pull harnesses?

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No-pull harnesses?

Post by Brendainnj »

Has anyone had success with no-pull harnesses and if so, which ones? I am currently using the Sensation with my 18-wk-old pup. But it also doesn't work real well in high-impulse areas--Tanner walks pretty nicely around the block with it, but once we go into trails in the woods or near water, it's right back to severe pulling. So while I'm trying to take him out places to meet people, use up some excess energy (in addition to off-leash at home), we don't get very far if it's strictly a "training" walk. As soon as there's the least bit of slack, he's off to pulling again. I've tried just stopping, changing directions, and that's fine...for 2 seconds. So the "walk" is pretty frustrating for both of us at this point.

I'll keep using it if there's nothing better, but it's pretty pricey since I will probably need to go thru 3 sizes before he's an adult. At puppy K, the trainer recommended a prong (that's all they use) but I'm not real comfortable using goal is to be able to transition from the harness to buckle collar at some point. The dogs at the training center (obedience titled adult dogs) are still using their prong collars. Our trainer did admit that the no-pull harness did "seem to be working for him."

Any thoughts, either with training methods or equipment? I hate to admit it, but I've never successfully trained a dog to walk well on a loose leash :oops: . This is probably the best I've ever gotten, but I'm nowhere close to my goal.

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Re: No-pull harnesses?

Post by Lisa »

I've never had much success with a no-pull harness. I use harnesses on my own dogs when we're NOT training and I'm basically going to let them be dogs and not worry about them behaving on leash. That way, they don't strangle themselves. My favorite harness is the Julius K9 Harness. You'll have to order it online, as they don't sell them in stores, and if you get one now, you'll probably end up going through a couple of sizes, so I'd wait until he's closer to full grown for one of those. I also like the step-in harnesses (looks like two triangles side by side when you lay it flat). Those are cheaper and a little more adjustable.

For teaching leash behaviors, I tend to use a clicker and rewards in a low distraction environment, and in high distraction environment I use a prong at first (but not until the dog is at least 6 months!), then move on to a regular collar.

In really high distraction environments, if I need the dog to walk nicely on a leash and don't think it's going to happen, I still use a prong collar, even on Buster and he's 9 years old and has a beautiful heel.

I just would never put a prong on a dog under at least 6 months old. I didn't start working with Charm on one until she was about a year, and then it's only when we're outside and her head is exploding from excitement.
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Re: No-pull harnesses?

Post by dmedric »

I've had great success with the Sense-ation harness. It was recommended by a trainer and it really works for Cooper. ... on-harness

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Re: No-pull harnesses?

Post by mkilcz »

I've never used a harness, but Jack and Rocket both do well using a Gentle Leader. It fits over the dog's head and attaches to any leash. It generally works by making it difficult for the dog to pull forward. Another brand name for a similar product is Halti and the cost should be @ $30.00 (it's been a while, so it may have gone up). It did take Rocket a few tries before he got used to it, but Jack never had any problems.


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Re: No-pull harnesses as well as car safe harness for dogs

Post by Hannagonzales »

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull and Tether Included Harness for all Dog Sizes is the best harness for dog as a no Pull harness. This model has multiple adjustable levels thus it will fit your dog size in every stage and its compatible with seat belts. You can get more benefit some Car Safe Harness for Dogs to use in car and no pull harness

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