Dew claws .

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Re: Dew claws .

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Dave wrote:I noticed while my new foster was sitting with his legs across me that he still has his dew claws . Is there any reason I should have them removed ? All my other dogs and fosters never had any .I figured they don'y bother anything except I did notice they need trimmed , as does all his nails :o I've got to go get a dremel .Thanks for any opinions or advice . 8) Dave
Polly still has her dew claws and her natural tail. Our Vet said they should not be removed nor the tail doc'ed as it would be too tramatic for the dog at this stage. It is a new trend I have heard to not remove them with some people around here. It's not been a problem for Polly, but they are hard to remember to clip as they are tucked so high on the foot and curl under a bit. She does not have dews on her hind feet thank goodness. They do snag things if you forget them when clipping. That is how we noticed she still had hers. She started getting snagged on her throw and the carpet loops.

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Barb Wright wrote:Yes, as I recall a vestigal toe...something from waaaaay back. Sort of like the horse, they originally had toes but evolved to the hoof with a "toe" half way up the leg, called a chestnut (or something like that???) as I recall. Evolution, veeeerrrry interesting!!
Apparently the dew claws, front and rear, are what is left of the thumb and big toe respectively. This article, by a paleontologist and dog breeder, is interesting.

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