Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Post by brittienewbie »

Hi All -

Bearacuda (not really a good name for him anymore, as he's turning into a very nice dog) is doing really well. His puppy license expires this week when he turns one, so he's just in time to get a brain in that handsome head of his.

My question is regarding hair loss. I wasn't surprised to find a small bald spot on his sternum where he lays. And I wasn't even that surprised to find hair loss under his collar...I figured the hair just rubbed away. However, when giving him a bath today I noticed that the hair on his left side is very thin. He also had a bath last week on Sunday (he rolls in disgusting things), but I didn't notice the pink skin showing through like I did today. Also, I've noticed that I can brush and brush and brush him and he still sheds like crazy.

We are just finishing a 2 month long switch from prescription allergen free food to commercial dog food (Fromm Four Star Game Bird). He's been doing really well with the switch, you may or may not remember his digestive issues from his puppy days.

He's been itchy lately too.

I ordered an Omega 3 supplement today, hopefully that helps. Any other ideas? Is it possible that he's blowing coat because it's getting warmer in Wisconsin? We had a 90 degree day last week, and he doesn't handle the heat well.

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Re: Hair Loss

Post by duckypond1 »

I wouldnt be able to say for certain but I know this time of year Jeice's fur gets very very very thin...I can see his skin and on the days that we spend a lot of time outside i put sunscreen on him. It seems to thicken back up when its not the super hot summer months. With a switch to a high quality dog food you should see some improvement too. Typically those allergen free foods are some of the lowest quality products available. Make sure you arent giving him a bath more than once every few weeks too, too many baths will be bad for his skin and coat. Omega 3 / 6 / 9 are all good options to help their coat, so if you ordered some omega 3s you are on the right path. You should start to notice him get softer within a week or two of starting the omegas.

other than that...keep an eye on it, if he gets a lot of little red bumps consider getting him checked for skin mites.
Hope a solution comes your way soon!

PS - make sure you arent using the furminator. that brush will continue to pull out fur no matter what, you can rip an animal clean with those brushes. its ok to use lightly, but as long as you keep brushing, more fur will keep coming
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Re: Hair Loss

Post by Lisa »

As long as the fur isn't coming out in large chunks, and the skin does not appear scaly or red or have sores, then it could just be normal shedding.

I've found that the best supplement for promoting fur growth is Biotin. I use 5000 mcg capsules once a day.
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Re: Hair Loss

Post by Barb Wright »

Most likely he is just getting rid of coat to make way for new fur for winter. It's actually the beginning of shorter daylight hours at this time of year that usually stimulate a coat change. In Spring it begins again with the longer daylight hours and getting rid of the winter coat. Of course there is normal shedding throughout the year. Less bathing and more brushing keeps the skin stimulated and healthier. The naturally occurring oils on the skin are important to the health of the skin. The condition of the hair.....such as shiny, dull, silky, dry, thin, spotty, etc...... is almost totally dependent upon what is going on inside the body. That is why what the dog is eating is sooooo important. Ingestion of optimum sources of nutrients means the body has the best tools to work with to provide health from the inside out.

Wild Salmon oil is your best source of Omega 3......vegetable sources are just not utilized as well by dogs. 5000 milligrams a day would be considered therapeutic, 1000 mg twice a day would be a good maintenance dosage. Raw eggs are a wonderful source of protein and vitamin/mineral combinations, including being an excellent natural source for Biotin. A couple raw eggs a day are a superb addition to the diet even without looking at health or skin issues. Liver is also a good source of Biotin. Add a tablespoon or two of any organ meat to each meal and you have improved the diet dramatically :)
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