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You helped me with Rocky's eyes, and now I need help with what the Vet said was arthritis and inflammation. Rocky wasn't able to stand on back legs. Shakes a lot when stands. Vet said he lost muscle mas in back legs. Said arthritis and gave him Previcox. He took five doses and he is doing great. I have heard so much against Previcox I am worried. Rocky is 10yrs old and still acts like a puppy. I have MS and Rocky is also my service dog. He didn't have formal training but he does for me, but not my husband or anyone else. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Previcox

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Previcox is certainly a powerful drug and should be used with caution for sure. Did your vet think this was temporary or do you think you'll have to give it to him long term? Our old girl Kayla was on it for a bit and it really seemed to help her when nothing else worked very well. My vet did run bloodwork before starting her on it and then, again, I think a month or 2 later (sorry, can't remember for certain how long). As I recall, long term use can affect their kidneys and/or liver so regular bloodwork to check those functions is important. There are certainly other supplements you can use for help with these conditions and hopefully Barb or others will weigh in on those.
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Re: Previcox

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Just a couple thoughts here....once you need to get on these strong drugs the most you can do, as Cindy mentioned, is make sure the vet monitors the blood frequently to be sure there is not damage occurring from the drug. When the dogs get to where they are so uncomfortable there really isn't much to do but rely on powerful drugs to make life easier and less painful. Most supplements (non drug) need time to help the body make repairs, and in the meantime don't help all that much with pain if it is already debilitating.

That said, it never hurts, can do no harm, to supplement with natural repair support. There are a number of supplements available, and newer ones showing up often. If your own vet is reluctant to take that approach, a Holistic vet would have some good information for you about that type protocol. The body can do amazing things if the right nutritional tools are given for it to work with.
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