Insatiable Thurst

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Insatiable Thurst

Post by HeidiL »

My Britt is 8 years old. About 2 weeks ago I noticed he seemed to be thirstier. Noticeable but not concerning. A week ago Friday it went thru the roof!! He could not get enough to drink no matter how much I gave him. He was up most of the night wanting out and to drink. He also wet in the house 3 times even though I was taking him out almost every hour. Very unusual for him to say the least. Saturday morning I called the vet and got him right in. They did a quick test for diabetes and it was negative. Monday we returned to the vet for blood tests and they came back Tuesday as pretty normal. No diabetes, no kidney or liver problem. pH is low but that would be with the increased water flushing his system. His white count was a little low but not bad. His sodium level is up a little but not much but that in itself us usual with all the water he is drinking. He has not been exposed to any salt (water softener or salt melt) My vet also called the college in Ames Iowa and they have no clue either. He is still full of energy and eating and voiding.
It has been a week now and some days are better than others. He still drinks a lot. With me limiting him he is still at about 2 gallons a day!! If I gave him more he would drink 5 times that amount. In the past week he has wet in the house over 20 times as well as getting him out as much as possible. We have been documenting the amount of water we give him and how often we take him out, which is still about once an hour.
The vet says just keep an eye on him and be patient. I know that this is washing his system too much and he is begging for more water all the time so I feel so guilty not giving him more water but more would hurt him if not kill him.
Any ideas? Has anyone ever had this kind of thing happen to them??
I just got back to work after being off for 4 months after surgery and yes, I have wondered if this is a mental issue after me being home with him for so long then back to work. But if things start to slow down and seem to be getting better he turns around and goes back to demanding more water.

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Re: Insatiable Thurst

Post by Cindy »

Our Kayla definitely had a "drinking problem" but always did from the day we adopted her. Our vet did the quick diabetes test but also had us really limited the amount of water she had for several days (there was some exact amounts we had to give her) and tested her again with some more advance test (sorry, don't remember the name). Everything came back normal and she lived to almost 15. I don't think Kayla ever drank 2 gallons a day but definitely 1+. It is extremely upsetting and frustrating to see you dog craving the water so I hope you get to the bottom of it. Sorry I can't be more help.
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Re: Insatiable Thurst

Post by wxorkt »


I am so sorry to hear this!

My female brit had this same problem a few years ago. We were pretty sure that it was cushing's disease. Unfortunately we had to put her down because she began drinking the toilets dry and then would pee all over the house even when she was asleep. There are treatments available, so your case may not be as extreme or advanced as ours was. ... ocorticism

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Re: Insatiable Thurst

Post by Karen Bridges »

I'm so happy I decided to peruse these boards and find your post. My Kelly (almost 14) started drinking a ton in the fall. We immediately went to the vet..she was due for her senior panel anyway. Blood work was mostly normal, with just a few barely abnormal results. The drinking continued. She has been incontinent at night for years; hormones and numerous other treatments were no help. Well, now with the drinking, the accidents were occurring in the daytime, seemingly without her even realizing it. We returned to the vet.

Additional, concerning proteins were found in her urine, but at very low levels. She was put on Incurin for the incontinence. Accidents continued, incurin dose was increased. Her daytime accidents are far fewer, but her prolific drinking and large volume of urine (of course it's very dilute) remain. Her towels (and absorbant pad -- thank God for that!) are soaked in the morning (we bring her out at 9 or 930pm, and there's no water after that).

I called the vet again; he put her on an antibiotic for a UTI, which I protested but did anyway. It's been 10 days and it did nothing (as I, the non-expert, predicted). Well, today she's at the vet again for a dental. I'm having them do a renal panel, and I'm reading up on Cushing's disease. I'm under no disillusionment. I know she's an older pup. I know something's not right. I just want answers so that I can be the best mom possible.

She was a bit overweight, so she's been on a diet since the fall. I'm no expert on Brittany weight loss, but she's lost about 3 pounds since the fall. That seems a wee bit fast, but the vet doesn't seem concerned since Kelly is at a healthier weight. She is eating fine, sleeps a lot (but then she's almost 14), but is always ready for an outing when asked. Frustrating....I hope all of us get answers soon.

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