Tartar build up

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Tartar build up

Post by Cindy »

Pippa went to the vet today and we were told she needed her teeth cleaned. We just paid to have them done 6 months ago but they are bad again. I've tried the dental rawhides but she eats them too quickly to get the real benefit. Any suggestions?? I can't see having her knocked out every year for a cleaning so am willing to try other options. I know brushing them is the best thing but she won't let me open her mouth to even look in there :roll:
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Re: Tartar build up

Post by gagesbarb »

I vaguely remember reading about a spray you can use...can't remember the name, but someone probably will...

We use sterilized bones that I fill with canned dog food and freeze...boys love them and take a while to empty...Sam chewed them down and I'd have to throw them away when they got too small...Gage and JJ don't chew that much, but we've had Gage for 5 years and the most he's ever had to have is the vet scraping some tarter off his canine tooth and once off of one molar...We had Sam for 9 years and he also never had to have teeth cleaned...I have friends who give their dogs raw marrow bones and they seem to help a lot...
we also have not had luck with the edible dental chews as the dogs take about 30 seconds to eat them...so not much chewing....

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Re: Tartar build up

Post by Frisco »

My almost 12 year old Jake has terrible teeth! In July he went in for a cleaning and had 12 teeth pulled. Our vet wants him back in in January fo another cleaning and possibly 2 more extractions. We give him Greenies but he eats them so fast that I don't think they do any good. We are using Fresh Dental water additive and Nylabone Dental Spray. We tried brushing but can't get to the back teeth. I don't know what else to do. Our vet says dogs are like people, some have good teeth and some have bad teeth. Our 2 year old Zak has good teeth so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed they stay that way.

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Re: Tartar build up

Post by Lisa »

Honestly - raw, meaty bones a couple times a week really seem to help more than anything. I give my guys beef ribs with the bone in. The bone is small enough that they can eat it with no issues. If you want something longer lasting/cheaper, ask a butcher to cut up some femur bones for you or ask for knuckle bones. Watch it with the larger bones, as the marrow may be too rich for the dogs right away. You can scoop the marrow out with a spoon and freeze it for later use in kongs or empty bones, or just take the bones away after a while of chewing.
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