dental care?

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dental care?

Post by Bernie's mom »

My Lhasa, Emmy, is going on ten years old, and man does she have awful breath! Well when we were at the vet getting her shots updated he looked at her teeth and recommended a dental cleaning. I'm nervous cuz they'll put her under... does anyone have any tips or advice? I've never had this done to a dog before. Thanks!

Oh, maybe this should be in other breeds? Not sure...
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Post by Dave »

Sorry I missed this post . You might not need this now :roll: Anyway I've had my old girls teeth cleaned well after they were 10 and no problems . It depends on the dog's overall health . I would ask for the drug that wears off quickly , it is a lot easier on them . The old anathesia took a long time to wear off and they would be groggy still the next day . Anyway if you are worried ask the vet about it and have pre- op blood work done to check kidney and liver functions . Sorry I missed this and hopes it helps 8) Dave ( not the Brittany ) :lol:

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Post by kimkimkim »

I would be a little nervous about having the procedure done too, but just talk to your vet about your concerns. I'm sure they have lots of experience with older dogs. Our Dave is 6 years old and he needs to have his cleaned too.

Let us know how it goes.
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Post by kat »

My vet won't do anesthesia on an older dog without pre-op blood work. That was how we originally discovered our girl's liver problems. She wouldn't have made through at that time the way her liver was. They are always very careful, I have no concerns with my 12 1/2 yr old Bichon (other than the bill!!), it's better than living with mouth pain.
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