Dysplasia, arthritis or ???

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Re: Dysplasia, arthritis or ???

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I agree with Cindy...I wonder if the tramadol is at all sedating? Of course, that may be countered by the prednisone...If Feller pulled a tendon or ligament, I think that can take a long time to heal...at least, the couple of times, I've pulled tendon/ligament, once in my knee and once in my shoulder, took a very long time to heal...of course, I also kept going and probably kept re-injuring/aggravating it...that's always my quandary with the dogs-- I certainly don't want them to be in pain, but I also want them to rest and let their muscle or whatever heal...regardless, his response seems to confirm that he pulled something and that will get better :lol:

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Re: Dysplasia, arthritis or ???

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dfwskier wrote: The question is "is he really healing or is the tramadol letting him act mostly normal."
Tramadol is an opiod and does a good job as a pain reliever. That said, it is addictive which is not a good thing, plus, pain relievers cover up what is happening to the extent that you don't know if there is healing going on or something more dire is still in play. Pain management in dogs is always a difficult protocol to implement.....we don't want them to suffer, that is a given, but we also need to know if actual improvement is taking place or are we just covering up something that needs to be addressed more thoroughly. Catch 22.

Prednisone reduces inflammation which leads to a more comfortable existance but does nothing toward helping the healing process. Another Catch 22.

These are both serious drugs with questionable side effects, especially when an accurate diagnosis is still unknown. I always feel sympathy for those who have to try to do the right thing in these situations where the what and why of what is happening is questionable.

Hoping for continued improvement and a return to normal for Feller....as others have said, time will tell.
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