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when to spay?

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:57 am
by Bernie's mom
I've been googling this topic and every answer is different.
What age to spay? Before first heat? After first heat?
I've seen that the girls have UTI's and incontinence issues?
Do they have to do a full hysterectomy, or are there other options?
I've never had a spayed female before, so this is new territory for me.

Re: when to spay?

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:29 pm
by Bernie's mom
Thank you Barb!
I reread my post & wanted to clarify that my reference of incontinence was from online comments I saw about that being a side effect of the spay.
I've seen comments that say you "have" to let females go thru one heat, but then I've also seen comments say that they "have" to have one litter for their health, which of course I call BS on.

Re: when to spay?

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:45 pm
by Barb Wright
Well, I took out my answers to you because I couldn't seem to get the "quote" to work...aaaarrrrgh!! Anyway, I'll put them back in without the "quotes" :roll: Some others may want to weigh in on your concerns and have other thoughts.

My personal opinion is that both females and males should not be spayed or neutered until 18 months to 2 years old. The hormones produced by those glands play a very important part in the physical and mental development of a dog, and also are essential to a good healthy start on life. Spaying and neutering are necessary because HUMANS are not responsible care-takers in too many cases. Too bad because the reproductive hormones are part and parcel of the whole symbiotic endocrine system in the body. Oh well, it's a purely personal opinion and I won't rant.

Males also get UTI's though not as often, and incontinence issues happen with both males and females, especially when they get old. There are of course other health problems that can occur for both and cause incontinence any time.

Several years ago I read about chemical sterilization, not sure if that is still an option.....would save on the surgery trauma, but it sounds a bit chancy to me because introducing chemicals into the body had lots of down sides. Your vet can answer that question as well as how extensive the spay is.

As far as spaying/neutering causing incontinence in later life, seems a stretch to me simply because some of my old Siberians who were not spayed also leaked a bit. Don't know what the statistics might be on that connection.

Hope that helps some....

Re: when to spay?

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:27 pm
by Barb Wright
Felt compelled to add a few comments......I have always preferred females, quite a few reasons in the "plus" column. But I realize some of the "con/minus" reasons most people dwell upon. Hoping to put some of the heat issues in perspective let me point out some stats....females come in heat twice a year and the heat semester lasts about 3 weeks each time. Okay so, six weeks out of a year you HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE SHE IS, WHO SHE IS WITH, WHAT SHE IS DOING !!! If the dripping is annoying there are always "bitchy britches", or just put on your patience hat and deal with it. It is a bit of a challenge with them during the heat period because their hormones are saying "I would love to find some handsome hunk" !! Other than that the rest of the year they are super dogs in every other scenario.

Males do lose that "seek and connect" desire once they are neutered. But, I have personally witnessed a neutered male connect with a female in heat....just no puppies resulted !!! There is no denying the compulsion connected with the hormones that are demanding continuation of the species, both unaltered sexes feel the imperative !!!

In 20 years of being a breeder I had only one unplanned litter and that was because my father-in-law left the TWO gates to the kennel open and the female went "looking". I was lucky because she picked the one and only male I would have chosen if I had wanted to do that breeding...which I didn't, but the puppies worked out just fine, including one leader for my sled dog team :-)

So, don't let heat periods cloud your decision...proper management and being aware are your clues to making it a no-stress transition period !! JMPO :-)