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unknown medical

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:54 pm
by brit12
Rocky is 13yrs old. Took him to vet. Bell Palsy on right side of face. Senior check. No Thyroid issues. UTI. Crystals in urine. 2 weeks of antibiotics. Stool is normal now. Soft earlier. Back legs keep collapsing. Walking better now. Forgot to mention he licks his front legs a lot. Vet said wind pipe wont close. Probably his age. But no choke collar anymore. He weights 78lbs. 20lbs to much. He is on diet to lose weight. Also forgot to mention he is horse. We have had him sense puppy. He is was also my service dog. Don't wear vest any more because of fatty tumors. Any suggestions? I forgot to mention he has arthritis. And vet did say he was losing muscle tone in back legs. I just hope it's not cancer.