yummy foods

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yummy foods

Post by plkoslov »

My old Malone is getting VERY picky about his food - to be expected, I guess, at 15. I give him Precise Senior kibble, soaked in a little water and chicken broth, and Steve's Real Food (frozen veggies and meat). Sometimes he kind of turns his nose up at it - so I've tried pumpkin, which works for a while, and yogurt, and the vet suggested an egg yolk. Does anyone have any other "yummy" temptations that he might like? :)

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Post by Myra »

My dogs love canned jack mackeral, cottage cheese, bits of any kind of real meat that we have, and the raw (frozen) "medallions" from Nature's Variety Prairie.

Link to Nature's Variety website

They also love any of the premium canned foods.

(But my dogs like everything, so take this FWIW. :lol: )

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Post by Lisa »

Well, if you can find it, Merrick canned foods seem to be all the temptation my picky eater needs. Britty is particularly fond of the Trout Feast and the Working Dog Stew. I order online from JB Wholesale, since there are no local distributors.

Also, a dry food that my dogs really seem to like is Timberwolf Organics. It's kinda on the pricey side, but even Britty will usually inhale the Bison or Elk varieties (and she never inhales food...she's too dainty of an eater).

As for real food additives: raw (or cooked) hamburger, chicken broth, vanilla yogurt, apples (or applesauce), cheese, umm, that's all I can think of for now.
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Kathy Knappenberger
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picky eaters

Post by Kathy Knappenberger »


Flint River Ranch DryWater (a dry food that you add water to and it makes a gravy) is the staple in our house if we have any picky eaters come through. You can purchase it at www.healthydogfood.com (our website) and we donate a portion each purchase to ABR since we have been volunteers since 2000. Hope this helps!


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Post by Dave »

I cooked for my old dogs and made them more picky :roll: :lol: . They are worth it . I would go to see what meat was on sale and trim it if need be and cook all kinds of Steak chicken etc. Since I'm a hunter my old dogs got very high quality Venison . My old girl Amber ate most of the last Antelope I harvested . It seems like a lot of work , but not really and at least you know exactly what you are feeding them without reading labels . 8) Dave

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