Swiffer Wet Jet Warning

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Swiffer Wet Jet Warning

Post by Gunner »

Just got this from a few people, not sure if anyone has heard it yet....

Warning for your animal's health:

I recently had a neighbor who had to have their 5-year old German Shepherd dog
put down due to liver failure. The dog was completely healthy until a few weeks
ago, so they had a necropsy done to see what the cause was. The liver levels
were unbelievable, as if the dog had ingested poison of some kind. The dog is
kept inside, and when he's outside, someone's with him, so the idea of him
getting into something unknown was hard to believe. My neighbor started going
through all the items in the house. When he got to the Swiffer Wetjet, he
noticed, in very tiny print, a warning which stated "may be harmful to
small children and animals." He called the company to ask what the
contents of the cleaning agent are and was astounded to find out that anitfreeze
is one of the ingredients. (actually he was told it's a compound which is one
molecule away from anitfreeze). Therefore, just by the dog walking on the floor
cleaned with the solution, then licking it's own paws, and the dog eating from
its dishes which were kept on the kitchen floor cleaned with this product, it
ingested enough of the solution to destroy its liver. Soon after his dog's
death, his housekeepers' two cats also died of liver failure. They both used
the Swiffer Wetjet for quick cleanups on their floors. Necropsies weren't done
on the cats, so they couldn't file a lawsuit, but he asked that we spread the
word to as many people as possible so they don't lose their animals.

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Post by Mark »

heard it, and it is not true.

First off, anti-freeze will cause kidney failure, not liver failure.
Second, there is no anti-freeze in the cleaning solution. Ethyline Glycol is antifreeze, which is extremely poisonous, whereas the swiffer cleaning solution contains propylene glycol, a compound which is actually used in many medicines, and is known to be basically inert, and safe. It is the stuff that is used in the safe for pets antifreeze.
Finally, that warning label on the wetjet says keep out of reach from children and pets, to avoid any accidents, and a warning declaring that sometimes the floor can be left wet, and to be careful as a child or pet could slip.

In fact, the ASPCA has responded stating that the email is completely false:
http://www.aspca.org/site/News2?page=Ne ... _ctrl=1400

One other source, "snopes.com".. any time you get an email forward, check snopes.. they validate or declare false all of the urban legends that are emailed around:

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Post by Karen_P »

yes, this rumor has been circulating for several days.

See link below:

http://vetmedicine.about.com/cs/disease ... wiffer.htm

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