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Hey everyone.

This recall is a very frustrating issue from two perspectives-
1) Finding information has not been the easiest thing in the world- the info is fragmented/rumored/scattered in many places including this forum.
2) Our dogs are getting sick and are dying. It is a horrible, terrifying experience, and we all want to express those issues.

Unfortunately, point 2 can make point 1 even worse. Not only is the information scattered, but it is mixed in with much-deserved but distracting commentary and venting. Thus, I have created two threads, which I hope can harness the power of our message board to both organize and distribute the information, as well as allow a place for us to come together as a community, vent our frustrations and support each other.

The first thread, is the information thread: Recall Information. This thread contains a list of all the recalled company/general products from the FDA site, as well as non-FDA enforced and rumored recall info that is posted by our members. If you hear of a recall that is not on the list, PLEASE post the information (with no commentary, as hard as that is) to the information thread. I will then update the main topic, so we have a "table of contents" that one can easily search through to find out which products are being recalled.

The second thread is the discussion thread: Recall Discussion/Vent thread. This is the place to discuss anything surrounding the recall, vent your frustrations etc..

Lastly, please refrain from creating any new topics surrounding the recall, and use the two sticky threads. The one exception to this, is if your pet is directly affected by tainted food, and you are seeking medical information- in these cases PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start a new thread. If we have enough dogs that are directly affected, I may create a third sticky thread to detail medical information, but even so, a new thread in the forum is very appropriate if your animal is medically affected. Also, feel free to post to this thread if you have any ideas on how we might better serve the board/organize info/etc..

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Re: Posts about recall- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.

Post by donald »

Anyone else having sick dogs?

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