glucosamine withour tears and worse

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glucosamine withour tears and worse

Post by holisticmom »

I would like to get Orion started on a glucosamine supplement. The problem is that he never tolerated liver well, and he's allergic to many of the herbs used in the ones aimed at dogs (members of the daisy family including flax). We don't discuss how he reacts in polite company (let's just say we needed new sheets for the guest room, anyway). Has anyone ever had experience giving their dogs human glucosamine/chondroitin? How do I calculate the dose, and which brand? Thanks!
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Re: glucosamine withour tears and worse

Post by Barb Wright »

holisticmom wrote:.. Has anyone ever had experience giving their dogs human glucosamine/chondroitin? How do I calculate the dose, and which brand? Thanks!
There really is no difference between glucosamine/chondroitin "human" products and "animal" products other than dosages, and sometimes the addition of other ingredients. I guess that is where you came up with the liver??? Perhaps used as a flavoring for dog GC tablets????

Anyway, if you are giving glucosamine/chondroitin specifically for arthritis (?) usually for a medium sized dog (Brittany) you would start out with 1000 mg Glucosamine 800 Chondroitin per day, which can be divided up into two separate doses (500/400). If you see improvement in a week or two you can back off on the amount to 500/400 as a maintenance. If no improvement either try another brand (sometimes the sources or formulations make a difference to the individual dog), or you might need to re-think the diagnosis.

I would be especially careful in your selection of manufacturer....there have been many products tested (Consumer Labs) that in fact contained little if any of the supplement they were supposed to supply :x You are money ahead, and needless to say health ahead, to stick with known proven brands.

Here is a good source of information about arthritis and treating it:

For Cassie who just turned 10 a few months ago, I'm using Flexile-Plus by Berte's Naturals....I like the formulation especially because of the added Green Lipped Mussel, which incidentally was a miracle supplement for me personally.

Two other brands that have been often recommended because of good results are Cosequin and Arthroplex. We've got quite a few board members dealing with older dogs and I'm sure they will have some suggestions as well :)
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Post by kat »

Yup, I cut my supplements for George, we take the same pills! He gets 1/4 of one of my pills 2 x a day. It did really help with the stiffness we were beginning to see, and the orthopedic vet said he thought every dog over 7 should be given Glucosamine. Another good joint supplement I've used for my dogs is MSM. It's at the health food store too.
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Post by MissouriGirl »

My two old dogs (who were not Brittanys) both took Synovi G3 soft chews in their advanced age. For them that was the perfect match for them in their needs.

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