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Re: Diet and Training

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Only raw meat no-no I can think of is West Coast salmon....there is a nasty bacteria in the slime on the skin that is toxic, can be deadly. For years I fed split/dried salmon to my dogs, but the whole salmon we got we usually cooked, though the sled dogs on the north coast get whole raw salmon regularily, but usually it has been either frozen or split/dried. Safest way, just cook or at the very least, skin, salmon

As far as not combining raw meat with kibble, I think that myth has been pretty much scrapped. All of the ingredients in kibble itself are digested "differently", the body knows what to do with what ever comes along :wink: The main thing would be to not over-feed quantity wise...easy to do when you add anything to a kibble meal. Decreasing the amount of kibble when adding anything "extra" would be the best way to go. If that is worrisome just feed the raw food separately, but you still must cut down on the amount of kibble....extra food is extra food no matter how or when you serve it :) Here is a good article about mixing raw and kibble: ... th-kibble/

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Re: Diet and Training

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Bliss only gets raw. Leena only gets kibble (for now).

Thanks for the article though.
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Re: Diet and Training

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insert a gagging smilie here

We need Mark to add some more emotioncons :mrgreen: I've tried importing a few from other forums , but it doesn't work although I see Tim has added a few from time to time . I'm not smart enough :lol: . Dave
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Re: Diet and Training

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adele wrote:Barb, I also think you've understated the "oh gross" factor. I just can't imagine sticking my hand in a baggie of raw liver to pull out a treat. Aaaahhhhgg. Shudder. (insert a gagging smilie here) Of course, sticking my hand into a baggie of cooked liver doesn't turn me on either.

You can always freeze or partially freeze it first, the dogs won't care if it is frozen. :)

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