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Sorry it took me so long to get back. I was having a problem and couldn't log on the the board! Its been six weeks since Rolo's surgery. He's been a delightful patient, easy to handle and not too rowdy. We saw the vet last Monday and he said Rolo is doing "better than normal" and reminded us to keep him on lead for another two weeks because he is feeling so good and could hurt it again. He seems to use the leg very well and without much of a limp. However when standing still he forgets/doesn't want to bear too much weight on it and holds it off the floor.

He's got one more trip to the vet before we "release" him for a good run.

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That's great news. It will be a HAPPY day when you see him run for the first time without limping.

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Hooray for Rolo! And for you!

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