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Post by Janice »

Glad to hear the lump is gone. Lumps can be a very scary thing to find on your dog!.


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Post by Cariboo »

:wink: Yes, this bump has been a focal point in our house this week...It felt kind of like a fatty lump...I have a friend whose golden retriever has a fatty deposite on its felt similar to lucky's bump...but I didin't really think that it could have been a fat it was too much of a coincidence that his lump was right where the vaccines were administered.

Dave, that is a good point you make on the 60 day quarintine. Lucky was picked up by animal control once (I was out of my mind with worry the whole time cuz he didn't come home and we were looking everywhere for him... :roll: ) But, he was UTD with his vaccines, so that wasn't an issue.

I'm Lucky!

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