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adoption questions

Post by Bernie's mom »

So I'm out staining the deck (with no radio) and it's getting old (real old), and what else am I thinking of, than Brittanies! I've got britts on the brain today...

so I'm thinking of puppies, and then I'm thinking of rescue pooches, and I have questions, as I have talked myself into all sorts of stuff; I mean, yeah a puppy would be great, who wouldn't want a brand new puppy... but then again, wouldn't it be great to have a little girl who's already house-broken, crate trained, and big enough for Berns to play rough with?

So here are my questions;

How much does adopting a dog cost, and what are the factors that come up to that amount? (I'm guessing every adoption is different).

What if I fall in love with a dog that's many states away? I certainly can't drive out there to meet it, then out again to get it, etc.

*giggle break, Bernie is such a knob!* :lol:

I'm sure I'll think of more... ;)
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Post by Lisa »

I believe the adoption fees vary from state to state, out here, we usually ask for $250. That generally just about covers vet bills (shots, spay/neuter, microchipping).

As far as adopting a dog from another state, you can either pay to have the dog flown to you, or a transport can be arranged. My last foster was transported from Wichita, KS to Las Vegas, NV, where his new family met him and took him home to San Francisco!
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Post by Kathy »

What if I fall in love with a dog that's many states away? I certainly can't drive out there to meet it, then out again to get it, etc.
There's the "Canine Railroad"! Basically, if you adopt a dog through a rescue group (ABR, for example), there are transport coordinators who set up a route & recruit volunteer drivers to drive a portion of a way (a "leg"). Depending on the total distance, time of year and number of legs, the run can be filled with drivers on the first try or it may take 2-3 tries. And then too, sometimes a kind truck driver will transport a pooch a good distance if his/her truck route covers a good part of the route.

I & my husband volunteer for transports just about every weekend, driving about 50-125 miles (one way) to get adopted dogs/cats to forever homes or shelter dogs/cats to rescue/foster homes. Next week, believe it or not, I'm doing a Pomeranian Geese transport. (Yep, Honk! Honk! :o )

The longest transport I've participated in covered about 1000 miles and 14 legs over a Saturday & Sunday. (There are folks who will overnight a dog during a run.)

Anyway, ABR and NBRAN do have excellent transport coordinators and a cadre of volunteer drivers, so don't be hesitant to adopt a dog that's some distance away. The only caveat is that you won't get to meet the dog until it arrives by transport, so once in a while, things don't work out. But a good chat with the foster mom/dad will help you gain insight into the dog's behaviors & needs. In the case that the forever home doesn't work out (for whatever reason), the dog gets transported to the nearest foster home.
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Post by Dave »

Well they are covering this well as usual :wink: I transport all the time and am headed to Idaho Falls Tuesday so that Hutch can go to his forever home in Boise . Most of the time it works out great . Out of over 20 only one of mine came back and it was in my home town , so no big deal . I felt bad for the adopter , but it wasn't a unanimous decision to get the dog . That is the first question I ask now . The price Lisa quoted is about normal and a lot of times we lose money that comes out of the foster's pockets . We all have this and accept it as a charity donation to one heck of a good cause :wink: . We know exactly where our money goes :) 8) Dave

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Post by Janice »

Well congrats on thinking along the lines of adoption. When I got Blue and Rolo 4+ years ago I adopted them sight unseen. Well, I did see their photos. Blue came from Alabama to Florida and there was some trouble getting him transported. Since it wasn't hot here in Florida I paid to have him flown in cause I couldn't wait to meet him! He came from NBRAN and I had several conversations with his foster mom to find out about him. A few months later we adopted Rolo from here in Florida. I got his pictures over the internet and had enough background info on him that if he got along with Blue when we went to pick him up, he'd be coming home with us. So basically we drove a couple of hours to go get him. At the time we paid $175 for each dog. I know that adoption fees have come up on the dogs here in Florida and I think its about $225 and less if you adopt a senior.

Blue's background was unknown and I think he was very neglected because he didn't really know how to relate to people or other dogs and he took a while to adapt to the new enviornment. But Rolo fit in very fast. Both my boys are the best and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Also, there is quite a bit of satisfaction in taking in a dog who hasn't had a real good life and just spoiling them they way we love our dogs. Its a wonderful experience, especially when I look at the way Blue was four years ago and seeing him today.


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