carpet steam cleaners for pet odors?

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carpet steam cleaners for pet odors?

Post by MaggieRocks »

Sammy has been having so many accidents lately. We clean them up immediately & use Nature's Miracle by the gallon it seems, but things are getting out of hand! (Yankee Candle has been benefiting from this-been burning candles religiously :roll: )

Anyway, looking for recommendations for a steam cleaner for carpets that is especially good on pet odors. I've been reading up a little bit, and it seems as though the best ones might also be the heaviest, bulkiest models that can be hard to handle. Anyone have one they love, or one to stay away from?

NYC John
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Re: carpet steam cleaners for pet odors?

Post by NYC John »

For many years I have used a Hoover Steamomatic I am not even sure it is made anymore. It has two separate tanks, one for the clean water/cleaning solution and a second one for the dirty water. It did an OK job. The bad thing is that it is extremely heavy especially if you have to climb stairs. For that reason alone I would not purchase another one. Another problem is that dust and dog hair gets caught in the intake and it is difficult to clean out. Just last weekend I decided to purchase a new cleaner. I did some research considering reviews, price, weight and difficulty to maneuver. I purchased a Bissel PROheat which is currently on sale at Walmart for $138 (free shipping). It has only one tank. The plastic tank has a second bladder tank within. I have only used it a couple of times and so far so good. I think I will have to use it a few more times to give a more accurate evaluation. I can say that it is much easier carrying and moving around than the Hoover. There are many other more expensive models but they are larger and heavier. You have to remember that you should include the weight of the water when evaluating the different machines. I am looking forward to the day when the machine will become unnecessary. Wishful thinking?

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