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Did your Britt make you laugh today? Did he do something so smart, you are blown away? Those puppy teeth causing you to tear up, and you need an outlet? Or do you want to post a picture of his or her latest point? This is the place for it!
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Good Citizen
Good Citizen
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Brittany's get the shaft!!

Post by youjach »

We just got back from vacation and we could not find anything in any dog store for or w/ Britts on them!!

except the usual mug- mouse pad. Everywhere we have been in 12 yrs have had the same common things.. You always see blankets- pillows- rugs- whatever w/ Labs- goldens etc but the Britts are shoved in the back!!

we asked the owner of the shop why no Brits- no picture frames she said they aren't a very popular dog- low dog on the list. WRONG-- DH had a few words with her and wrote down a bunch of Britt sites and told her to do some research- she said she would and honestly would look into buying Britt items.

Not fair- Britts get the shaft!!

Field Trial Champion
Field Trial Champion
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Post by Karen_P »

I know it's a pain to find nice Brittany stuff, but thank goodness they're not that popular! Can you imagine if they were? We place over 600 dogs a year now. If they were "the new lab", we'd be even more overwhelmed than we already are.
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Post by Kathy »

Well, yeah, Brittany items are hard to come by in stores ... and unless you live in a big hunting area, you aren't likely to find a lot of folks who want Brit stuff.

My 2 cents ...

Junior Hunter
Junior Hunter
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Post by juliette »

I'm with you, Karen. Everytime I go into a store that has a bunch of dog-themed cra-- stuff, and there is nothing for Brittanys, I think, "Oh thank goodness! Our secret is still safe!" :wink:

Master Hunter
Master Hunter
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Post by CJ »

I'm w/ Karen & Juliette. I'd love to be able to buy Britt stuff anywhere I go, but most importantly, the masses of idiots haven't gotten ahold of (as Juliette said) our secret. Countless breeds have been largely (usually not completely... but sometimes close to it) ruined because of popularity. They breed the hunt out of them for the sake of looking a certain way.... it's a crying shame. Irish Setters are a prime example, Weimies too. Thankfully, there have been people true to those breeds over the years that have kept a small blood line going to dogs true to their roots. But even that creates problems, because then the gene pool is small, and that's never a good thing (can you hear the banjo's playing :wink: :lol: ).
I had found a place some time ago that would do custom things (plates, glasses, what ever) w/ pictures you provide, but it was really pricey. Very cool! but pricey. I'll have to see if I can find that link on my other puter and plug it in here later.

Humphrey's Mom
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Post by Humphrey's Mom »

i love when they have something that has a springer on it, and insist that it is the same thing or "close enough" to a liver and white brittany, or say a king charles with a black nose is close enough to an orange and white.

They may have similiar traits, but we want a brittany!!

Good Citizen
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Post by LMayhew »

I have found a few shop owners who have said they will special order me any Brittany themed things I would like. I got lucky once in Hot Springs, Ark and found Brittany Christmas ornaments - one liver (for my in-laws) and one orange (for us). They are available in a few shops! But I agree, it is nice that Britts have not been "discovered" yet.

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Post by Jacksbuddy »

Add another vote for keeping the lid on the best breed out there. :)

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Post by Mark »

I can add more monty merchandise to shop monty if you'd like.. :lol: :lol:

He's so hot right now.

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