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RIP Buster

Post by Lisa »

Not sure how many old-timers are still on this board, but I thought I'd let y'all know that Buster passed today
RIP my Buster boy. 6/20/2004-2/27/2019

I might type more later, but I can't right now. It's still to raw.
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Re: RIP Buster

Post by Cindy »

I'm really sorry to hear this sad news Lisa. Buster was quite a dog and had such a great life with you. I'm sure he will be missed terribly and hope, as time goes by, the pain will be less and you'll be able to look at all the fun times.

Would love to hear a "catch up" from you as it's been waaaaay toooooo loooong.
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Re: RIP Buster

Post by gagesbarb »

I have been following this board for many years, although only started posting relatively recently. I have learned so much from you, Lisa, and your dogs and followed Buster's adventures. You gave him a wonderful life and I am so matter how often we go through this or under what circumstances, it always leaves such a hole in your heart :(

Barb Wright
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Re: RIP Buster

Post by Barb Wright »

Most often when this sad news arrives I only know the dog from pictures and shared stories here on the message board. This time though the news also brought back memories of a weekend that Lisa and Buster and my Cassie (RIP) and I spent camping out together and attending the Rocky Mountain ABR picnic in Littleton CO. Good memories and I know you, Lisa, have a treasure trove of great memories of life with Buster. He did you and himself proud all those years, and that will be his legacy. I know your heart is heavy and weary, but also know all the good from those years will see you through. RIP Buster.
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