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Rescue dog makes us proud!

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 10:08 am
by Rhonda
I just had to pass this on. Merlot was an owner surrender from Southern California

I had to pass this on...

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 14:42:48 -0700
From: "info-naturaldog" <>
Subject: La Petite Margaux Merlot, CGC, CD!

Just got home from the Wine Country show/trial in little rescue Merlot earned the third leg of her CD today with a 189.5 and a fourth place. It was a little scary when I started out on the heel off lead and her nose wasn't to be seen, I just knew she was still sitting at the start line, but she was there...just no sit on the halt...which is better than usual 'cause when she gets stressed there is no sit nowhere! The sit stay had her air scenting the whole time...and checking for flying bugs, and I just knew she would leave me...but she made the whole minute...those are long minutes! And on the down, she put her head between her paws and I thought, "yes, we are going to be ok" and then whatever was in the air came wafting by again and the head came up. She later turned toward the dog next to her, a big Golden that had been staring at her...and as soon as Merlot made eye contact, she turned away..."what I don't see won't hurt me" and then went back to checking the air!

She made her three minutes and I am soooo proud of the little rescue that knew nothing, not even her name, when I brought her home except to run off any chance she got, not return and snap at anyone who reached for her.

Oh yes, she aced the stand for exam and only lost .5 on the recall (slightly crooked sit)...I am just so happy with the little girl, who is exhausted and sleeping under the computer desk.

Helen Marie
Fairfield, CA

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